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Boardgamecafe.net Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 9/10/2015 (aka the not-at-essen-essen-gaming-night) – WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON, SYLLA, BROOM SERVICE



Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Not-at-Essen-Essen-gaming-night 2015, where we do not play at Essen and definitely don't play any of the Essen games on ESSEN SPIEL week.


First up, WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON! Not sure if there's an exclaimation after the title but it sure is more exciting with one.

Players play as what I like to imagine as 'Dungeoneer coaches' who try to outdo each other by either putting more monsters into the dungeon or by sending their proteges in with less equipment.

This narrative is of course entirely made up by me but look at the tiles! Such georgeousness!


There's the Barbarian...


... The Mage...


... The Rogue...


... and the Warrior.


Here's the easy reference card to show what character abilities beat which monster.


And the winner for the night is... (drumroll)


The Rogue! Who beat a dungeon of 3 monsters by discarding 5 equipments and entering it with only a suit of armor! (insert party noise)


Next up, SYLLA


A sneak photo of Ivan and Vence putting on their best Roman consul impression.


The game can be best described as a.. er.. Roman... er... standard eurogame with interesting interlocking mechanics of a medium weight.


The interesting part of the game is the various characters which have different power and abilities to assist you in acquiring various victory points. You and your opponent choose starting characters separately and you end up with different strategies depending on what you chose.


Lastly, we end the night with BROOM SERVICE


Yep, in the month of Halloween we shall control witches delivering potions in the land of super-colourful-cardboard-tokens!


Endgame victory points reference card


On your mark, get set, BRRROOMMM!


And what is a eurogame without custom potion-meeples?

The ten characters you can be in the game to accomplish your tasks.


The conceit of the game is that everyone chooses 4 characters from their hand of 10 characters. Then on their turn, they may play a card and announce whether they are the BRAVE or COWARDLY version of that character.

Everyone who has the same card must now also play it and announce their BRAVE or COWARDLY behaviour. However, only one person may be the BRAVE one and the last to announce so will be the only one allowed to execute the action.

Other COWARDLY characters may also execute their action but the effect is lesser. Indeed, if you play through the entire game without being BRAVE at least once, it would be impossible to win the game.

Certain people (cough, Jeff, cough) would be delighted at the rich psychoanalysis possibilities in the game where you have to decide - am I BRAVE or COWARDLY?

Thumbs up!


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