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Events & Announcement / Visit to Orphanage Home
« Last post by waiyan on November 05, 2008, 07:46:23 am »

Teaching and Playing Boardgames with Children in Sunbeams Home

  • Date:          16.11.2008, Sunday

  • Time:         3pm - 5pm

  • Venue:       Sunbeams Home, Taman Mawar, Cheras

  • Objectives:  To share our time and joy with the children.

For children, playing board game not only just having fun but help building their character, social and thinking skills, and most importantly develops their self-esteem. We hope we can play our part in the community and learn from each others too :)

List of Volunteers
Kids Edusoft
1. Kah May
2. Steven
3. Hui Pin
4. Hui Pin's friend
5. Wai Yan
6. Allen Sam
7. Yee Ling
8. Arm
9. Jeff
..............anyone else?

There will be 45 children age from 7 to 15 joining for the session. And we have 9 volunteers so far.

Age    Number  Group   Size
7 - 8        8            2         4
9 - 10      10           2         5
11 - 12     12          2         6
13 - 15     18          3         6
              -----      ----
                45         9
              ------     ----

If there are more volunteers then we can have more smaller groups and involve children from age 5 to 6 years old also. If you are interested to join us, or want to contribute anything (like ideas, etc) please let me know, okay?

Thank you for volunteering yourself :)


Boardgame In the News / Malaysia's 1st Presence at Spiel
« Last post by wolfx on October 22, 2008, 05:37:30 am »

Read this in today's The Star newspaper.


Anyone know where to play/buy? Malaysia boleh! Now i'm inspired to design one and go Spiel next year. [dance1]

Boardgame In the News / Spiel (Essen) '08 What's Hot What's Not
« Last post by ayheng on October 21, 2008, 02:07:29 pm »

Check it out in this geeklist:


An almagation of everybody's opinion on Boardgamegeek

Boardgame In the News / Fantasy Flight Games Price Increase
« Last post by ayheng on September 08, 2008, 01:41:45 pm »


OMG, run for the stores! Get your FFGs before they price increase!

Boardgame In the News / Economist: An Affinity for Rules
« Last post by jack208 on August 30, 2008, 07:34:44 am »
An affinity for rules?
Aug 28th 2008 | BERLIN
From The Economist print edition

Germany has a grip on the business of inventing brainy new board-games

TO SERIOUS gamers Puerto Rico is German territory, not American. They assemble in groups of three to five to plant crops, ship goods and raise edifices, compressing into a cheerful hour or two the wheeling and dealing that consumed the careers of 16th-century colonists in the Caribbean. “Puerto Rico”, ranked the second-best board-game by users of boardgamegeek.com, is the brainchild of Andreas Seyfarth, a civil servant, one of a handful of game designers who work in cardboard rather than silicon.

Germany is to board-games what Belgium is to chocolate. It specialises in Eurogames, which emphasise strategy over showiness, downplay luck and conflict, lean towards economic rather than martial themes and strive to keep all the players at the table until the game's end. The cleverest and most prolific inventors, such as Reiner Knizia (who lives in England) are nerdy superstars. Euro (also German-style) games must not be confused with Ameritrash games, which generally involve high drama and employ plastic pieces, though arguing over what the difference is seems to be gamers' second-favourite pastime.

Why Germany has colonised this pacific region of the board-game world is unclear. Heinrich Hüntelmann of Ravensburger, a German game producer, thinks that an affinity for rules may be part of the German soul. Germans began to acquire the board-game habit with the rise of the bourgeoisie in the 19th century, partly because they were deemed to be good training for young minds. Fritz Gruber, who works for Kosmos, another German outfit, thinks the pastime has proletarian roots; board-games offer cheap entertainment.

A new boom began in 1995 with the release of Settlers of Catan, another colonisation game, and has yet to peter out. Germany hosts the board-game Oscars, the Game of the Year, recently won by Mr Knizia's Keltis, a game involving cards and stone paths, and the German Games Prize, which usually goes to more complex games (including Puerto Rico in 2002).

Germans are the keenest European players, followed by the French and Dutch. Britons prefer games based on television characters; Italians don's stay at home, says Mr Hüntelmann. In America, where classics like Monopoly dominate, Eurogames still have an avidly geeky following. Unlike Monopoly they demand thought; unlike electronic games, they encourage social interaction, says Paul Unger, a software developer who plays in New Jersey and Connecticut. That can also be a weakness: sometimes they seem too much like work.

Source: http://www.economist.com/world/europe/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12009728
Events & Announcement / Taylor's Boardgame Appreciation Day Convention
« Last post by KeeAlvin on July 30, 2008, 03:19:53 pm »
Taylor's Proudly Presents...

Boardgame Appreciation Day Convention 2008!!!

From the ScraChess Club of Taylor's and with the partnership of Toybox

comes this year's first boardgame convention in Malaysia!!! We will be

showcasing off a lot of designer's games such as Starcraft, World of

Warcraft, Ticket to Ride, Marvel Heroes, and so much more...


come along, invite some friends, and experience a revolutionary hype

first hand right here in Taylor's!!! Hope to see you there!!!

For more info please contact Alvin @ 0166263896

Poster @

Boardgame In the News / S-d-J 2008
« Last post by shrapnel on July 03, 2008, 07:52:42 am »
Boardgame In the News / Commercialism in Internet Forums
« Last post by jack208 on April 06, 2008, 09:36:11 pm »
Recently there's been some debate about what is and is not commercialism in forums. I just want to clear the air as to why I removed the spam post and why I consider it as spam. It's not becoz BGC have no commercial interest in that post that caused its removal as alleged.

A Flames of War thread was started to discuss about this new miniature wargaming product. Mr Distributor aka macedwin then hijacked the thread to discuss about his Promo Store selling FoW. He posted 9+ posts (daily) on this and has mentioned more than once in those posts asking ppl to drop by the store - the location is also made known to all readers of that thread (Atria) - to browse thru the FOW items and have a game or two.

BGC did not delete nor lock those posts. Nor did we delete/hide the location of the FOW store from the posts - even tho' BGC won't profit a single sen from our members here going to the FOW store and buying from him.

In fact, I was actually asked by some why did I not lock them - are those not spam? I looked at it in a different way. Yes there was certainly promo talk going on, asking ppl to go visit the store etc but that's fine coz each of the post also represent "content" in that he wrote about the FOW armies and scenario set up and in some, there was even batreps (battle reports) - which I think is good coz that'll give those who wish to explore FOW a feel about the game. And I'm sure those who are really keen will no doubt find their way to Atria for a more hands-on feel.

But he then posted a thread asking for members here to email him their contact details purportedly for a Factory Tour but more likely as membership drive (fishing from BGC). Openly asking for contact/emails is frowned upon by most Internet forums - be they commercial or non-profit.

That was the reason I deleted that post (as spam). It was also not his first non-compliance post. I did not ban the user at this point of time. I did consider whether to put the user into moderation but decided against it as I thot rational heads would prevail. Alas.....

Instead of sending me an email to clarify, he responded by spamming the same post across ALL active threads (see below) in BGC on Chinese New Year Day One (!!!) As you can see, some of those threads have totally nothing to do with FOW or Miniature Gaming!!

  • First Meetup @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras
  • Klang CNY Meetup 2008
  • What organize leagues/tournaments do you want to see?
  • TheStar 22Oct07: Seniors urged to take up video games
  • Interesting Facts from Boardgamegeek
  • Agricola
  • Acquire - Reprinting in June 08
  • Combat
  • Junta
  • Through the Ages Sold Out 2nd Time

He even went further to mock BGC by commenting "You may now spend your Kong Hee Fatt Choy locking up every post on the site. If this site is not willing to permit gamers to be informed of such an exclusive factory tour, then perhaps the site should be shut down."

Hmm.. .so just becoz I did not allow him to promo/market his products here,

  • I've to pay the price and waste the first morning of my Chinese New Year to clean up the spam?
  • And I've to shut the site down becoz it's not accomodating to his wishes...

Note: When I stepped down from KL Boardgames Meetup (which has 100+ members then), he could have take over and continued with that site by paying around USD19/mth to maintain it (which was what BGC was paying for the past years). He could then promote whatever he wishes to there... but he did not take that up.

I then cleaned up the spam (on CNY 1st Day!), and proceeded to ban the said user from further posting in this forum.

The reason for the ban is not becoz BGC have no commercial interests in FOW (which we do not have but we've nothing against FOW per se) as we've actually allowed his continuous daily promo posting on his FOW Promo Store but becoz he SPAMMED across the forums and challenged BGC to spend Kong Hee Fatt Choy to clean up his sh*t.

Can someone tell me that BGC should not have banned such user?
Boardgame In the News / This is an April fools joke right?
« Last post by LoStBoYz on April 04, 2008, 06:43:58 am »
Soooo funny. I tot internet is free for all. What you want to do with your space is your own business. You can even ban anyone or flame anyone within your domain space is alright I guess, since you're paying rent for that space. You are the king in your domain.
But for a distributor to diss his retailer via mass email is something all together different. And to drag brokenbayonet into the fray is just suggesting that brokenbayonet endorses his opinion?
What gives? Frankly, stupid tussle like this will only divide the general boardgaming community. Both of you please find a middle ground and make peace for the sake of boardgaming community.

A new forum has been established by http://brokenbayonet.freeforums.org,

offering gamers total freedom of speech, regardless of commercial

interests. This means that members are free to post something which

they think may be of interest to other gamers, without being accused of

intending to sell something. So you will find Tom's gaming schedule,

visit to the miniatures factory, tournaments, paintball trips, etc, all

posted here for the benefit of members.

The www.boardgamecafe.net forum

is in our opinion, no longer a pure gamer's forum as it bans anything

it considers having commercial interest THAT THE OWNER IS NOT A PART

OF. Of course, you will notice that any posting where members buy from

the owner is allowed - like the recent posting on new arrivals, and

placing orders through the owner.

So postings

on visit to the miniatures factory was not allowed as it was deemed a

sales gimmick to get people to buy Flames of Wars miniatures, which of

course, the owner would receive nothing. For your information, every

participant got a FREE German Panther tank, and there was nothing to

buy at the factory as they do not sell any products!


distributors, we have no objection to how our retailers (like

boardgamecafe) wish to run their site. We just want to alert gamers

that it is now a commercial site, and no longer a true gamer's forum

with freedom of posting for other gamer's benefit.


ensure that you get the latest news, activities and offers, please

check other sites. If you like to be part of a true gamer's blog, join:
Boardgame In the News / Arthur C. Clarke, in memory of - 1917-2008
« Last post by aanemesis on March 20, 2008, 08:09:42 pm »

One of the earliest SF writer I discovered upon learning to read in English passed away on 19 March 2008. There's a geeklist on BGG:


And in a small way, he was one of the reasons I got certified for scuba diving. Thus passeth a great futurist and visionary.

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