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Events & Announcement / Apr 2008: A Scrabble marathon makes its debut next month
« Last post by jack208 on March 08, 2008, 06:07:15 pm »

A Scrabble marathon makes its debut next month.

SCRABBLE enthusiasts can look forward to the Kuala Lumpur Scrabble Marathon 2008, which makes its debut next month. The one-day tournament which offers a RM1,000 cash prize for the champion, is expected to attract the country’s finest players.

For the first time in Malaysian Scrabble history, 15 games will be played in just one day, a whopping number, considering that a typical Scrabble tournament offers eight to nine games a day. KL Scrabble Marathon is able to squeeze in more games, as the time limit will be set at 20 minutes per player, instead of the usual 25 minutes.

The tournament will be setting a new record with the highest number of competitive Scrabble games in one day – a feat which is set to be recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records. This will be the ultimate challenge of speed and fitness for all players.

As a Scrabble marathon is a new concept, here are some tips for those who plan to compete in this event:

Get enough sleep
Thinking of some last-minute cramming the night before the tournament? Forget it. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep to ensure that you are fully rested. On the tournament day, you’ll be playing an average of 10-12 hours of Scrabble (depending on you and your opponent’s speed), so a good night’s sleep is vital.

Don’t skip breakfast
The first game is going to start at 8am, and you plan to skip breakfast to make it to the venue on time. But remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it helps to regulate your energy level throughout the day. So start your day right by having a good breakfast.

Bring along your medication
Don’t forget your medications – you might just need them.You never know when that nasty headache decides to make a quick visit. Be prepared in any case, and never take chances. The tournament organiser will have paracetamol handy, but let’s hope no one really needs it on the day.

Some of us find competitive Scrabble stressful. But we should just relax, take it easy, and try to enjoy the moment. All competitors are part of history in the making, so why get stressed out?

Stretch between rounds
During my days in competitive Scrabble, I noticed that Scrabble champion Kong Chock Heng will do a bit of stretching in between rounds. I guess that that is one of the ways to minimise stress and stay focused for the next game.

Keep it open
With only 20 minutes allocated for each player per game, players are likely to be under pressure towards the end of the game. Why not try to play an open game for this tournament?

A blocked board limits possibilities, increases the chances that you’ll be using more time, and creates an additional headache during the end-game process.

An open board, on the other hand, will keep the game flowing, and chances are you’ll finish the game ahead of time. While we can’t promise to keep the board open, let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Manage your time
Don’t dwell too much on your first few moves. Just go for it, and save time so you can deal with complicated end-game situations later on.

It’s just a game – have fun!
At the end of the day, it’s just a game. Make sure you have fun, and if you’re lucky, you might be RM1,000 richer by the end of the day!

Source: http://thestar.com.my/lifestyle/story.asp?file=/2008/3/7/lifeliving/20547792&sec=lifeliving

Boardgame In the News / Best Boardgame Blog you've never read
« Last post by ayheng on January 18, 2008, 01:50:14 pm »
Unbeknownst to most people, the Best New Site 2007 according to Boardgamenews is:

Hiew's Boardgame Blog
Hiew's Boardgame Blog

Made in Malaysia.

Say what? Who is this guy? How come I've never played boardgames with this guy before?

Beats me. Although I'm sure our friendly local boardgame distributor would know. Funny thing is, everyone complains about how difficult it is to get a regular gaming group going. On the other hand, no one wants to play with people other than the ones they know! I tell you... Next someone's going to tell me there's another boardgamer in Klang looking for kaki.

Oh, and ah congrats to Hiew!
Events & Announcement / Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)
« Last post by shrapnel on December 04, 2007, 03:24:28 am »

Awright! I admit it!! I'm in cahoots with C Mun organizing the Ladies Night thingy.
The venue is not in OTK. There are plenty of reasons for this (as I will tease tell you more later).

Since there'll be FHMs around, so there will be a simple nursing room where they can nurse.

I thot of asking wolfx to be in charge but i'm not too sure... need to ask C Mun about this. She's a nurse too, right?
(What!? AAnemesis? You want to be in charge too? Ok, who else?)

Read Me First! and FAQs / List of Acronyms used in Boardgamecafe.net
« Last post by jack208 on November 29, 2007, 06:41:29 am »
A brilliant idea mooted by dave. Pls post whatever acronyms that we used in this forum as a reply to this thread. I'll collate & categorize them and update to the 1st post for easier reference.


  • ASL - advance squad leader
  • DRM - dice roll modifier
Euro Games
  • BGC - Boardgamecafe.net (this site)
  • BGG - Boardgamegeek (www.boardgamegeek.com)
  • ShoC - Shadows over Camelot
  • SOC - Settlers of Catan
  • TI3 - Twilight Imperium 3
  • VP - Victory points
Game Group related
  • CC - Comics Corner
  • GC - Games Circle, Damansara Jaya
  • OTK - Old Town Kopitiam, notably their Cheras outlet where BGC holds meetup there every Fri evening
  • R1 - Round 1 of OTK Fri Meetup, usually from 8pm till 1.30am (when OTK closes)
  • R2 - Round 2 of OTK Fri Meetup, usually from 2am till 6am (at BGC centre)
  • WGS - Wolf Gameshop
  • AVL - A Victory Lost
  • DBA - De Bellis Antiquitatis, Rules for ancient warfare using miniatures
  • FoW - Flame of War
  • M44 - Memoir '44
  • PoG - Paths of Glory
  • SS - Shifting Sands
  • TMP - The Miniatures Page ([color="#667766"]www.theminiaturespage.com[/color]
  • W40K - Warhammer 40k
  • 2er - 2-player (or 3er for 3-player etc)
  • aka - also known as
  • AP - Analysis Paralysis
  • ASH - Available, single and hot
  • batrep - battle report
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Question
  • FHM - Fun & Happening Moms
  • IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
  • IRL - In Real Life
  • LIFO - Last In First Out (usu. refers to the Starcraft game)
  • NATO - No Action, Talk Only
  • WTF - World Trade Federation a.k.a. What the F**k
  • XD - wolfx trying to appear smiling but not actually smiling :D
Boardgame In the News / The Star Section 2 Page T10 - T11 Youth 2 section
« Last post by wolfx on November 21, 2007, 08:40:22 am »

Triona Leo is featured in today's news papers as per topic.

Online version found here. Congrats again. [;)]


Events & Announcement / 2008 Carcassonne Championship (Msia)
« Last post by jack208 on November 06, 2007, 04:58:04 pm »
Since this is likely to be the next competition for Essen 2008 (given the undetermined status of Catan 2008), this is the thread to discuss all things related to Carcassonne championship.
Events & Announcement / Re: What organize leagues/tournaments do you want to see?
« Last post by macedwin on November 04, 2007, 04:10:32 pm »
i (and a few other gamers) have raised this issue a few times before, the last being during mini gamecon at klcc.

if mage is in the cafe-game business, why aren't they taking more effort to organize leagues, tournaments, etc?

nothing came of the formula de league. nothing organized other than what we pushed them to organize - settlers, subbuteo.

toybox started with a few game days (merdeka, halloween, confrontation etc), and even outpost has followed suit.

the gaming community is dying for organized play - confrontation, at-43, flames of war, even 40k, not to mention the tons of boardgames.

please join the list of people that keeps telling them to take more effort to organize events, etc!
Boardgame In the News / 376 Essen Pikchers
« Last post by Champion Eternal on October 23, 2007, 07:03:26 pm »

376 Essen '07 Pikchers
376 Essen '07 Pikchers

Boardgame In the News / Essen 2007 Fairplay Poll Final Results
« Last post by Champion Eternal on October 22, 2007, 07:50:28 am »
Here are the Essen 07 Fairplay Poll final results:
1. Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
2. Agricola
3. Hamburgum
4. Cuba
5. Before the Wind
6. Im Jahr des Drachen
King of Siam
9. Filou - Die Katze im Sack
10. Kingsburg

Tribune came from out of nowhere. [:D] This is usually good news to me 'cos I think the pre-release hype that some games got in the past was not justified. Well done Karl-Heinz Schmiel. Roma victor!

Agricola was not a surprise. I thought the theme was original and it looks like the gameplay is good.

I am really curious anout Cuba. Wanna try it.

Hamburgum : The roundel rules again! [dance3] I am very happy for Mac Gerdts. He is a genius.

Eat lots of baked beans before you play Before the Wind - it's the only way to win.

Kingsburg sounds good.

Brass was nowhere in sight in the top ten. I was hoping the MW game would be in the buzz more.

Events & Announcement / How good can you AARGHH?!
« Last post by jack208 on October 22, 2007, 02:43:45 am »
<P>The recent outpouring of <A href="/community/forums/thread/11699.aspx">Thankius for our kind fren rhyen has him gushing with emotions.. From an innocent thought from me ("Is there anyone who can aarghh better than him?") we are now considering a competition where the <STRONG>BEST AARGHH</STRONG> wins a BGC t-shirt!! Obviously you have to aarghh better than the resident champion.</P>

<P> [arghh] </P>

<P>Some tentative rules. You are welcomed to propose new rules.</P>


<LI>If you wish to practice written AARGHHs, you may do so in this thread.


<LI>You are limited to one written AARGHH post per day. Anything more and you'll not be allowed to enter the competition proper.

<LI>Your new written AARGHH has to be better than the previous AARGHH entry of yours.

<LI>No AARGHH on Fri/Sat/Sun, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays. Research has shown if we aarghh on weekends and rest-days, we may do <STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000>deep</FONT></STRONG> damage to our <STRONG><FONT color=#ff0000>throats</FONT></STRONG>. <BR>The medical term for that is "deepthroat syndrome". For treatment, seek advise from our resident Doctor here. [innocent] <BR> </LI></UL>

<LI>Make sure you clean your mouse clickers before practising your AARGHHs here (or better still, get a new mouse). Too many written AARGHHs have been known to cause sticky-clicker problem in mouse.


<LI>We've contacted a few Mouse manufacturers and have confirmed their warranty does not cover sticky-clicker problem, with the exception of...<BR> 

<LI>Microsoft. If you are using a Microsoft mouse, they claimed to provide "some" sort of warranty for sticky-clicker problem. This was mainly due to the fact that thousands of Microsoft programmers use Microsoft mouse and their palms sweat a lot when debugging programs, thus causing the mouse clicker to be sticky. Wait... oh sorry. Microsoft only covers "sweat". Yours are likely to be cause by something other than sweat. So nope, no warranty from them either. <BR> </LI></UL>

<LI>If we get good enuff response, we may hold a proper competition (probably when we do our <A href="/community/forums/thread/8074.aspx">18xx gamers convention) where eligible contestants will get to do actual verbal AARGHH jousting.<BR> <BR>The winning AARGHH shall be determined by


<LI>Length - the longer the better.

<LI>Width - it's not scientifically proven yet but it's generally thought that a wider mouth makes better AARGHHs.

<LI>Depth - this depends on how deep your <STRIKE>throat</STRIKE> lung is. Ask opera singers for tips here.

<LI>Duration - remember it's not a sprint... more like a half-marathon. Quickie AARGHHs have no impact.

<LI>Intensity - if can shake the building, you are doing well. To illustrate this, imagine you are "drilling" into something...

<LI>Cresendo - the low/high and slow/fast of the AARGHH need to be properly timed to ensure there's a climax.

<LI><STRONG>Remember</STRONG>: a really really good AARGHH leaves you panting, heaving, sweating and usually out-of-breath. As they said, you AARGHHed your brains out.<BR> </LI></UL>

<LI>AARGHHs are known to be associated with <FONT color=#ff0000>Nose Bleed</FONT> so do not be too alarmed if your nose bleeds. Nose bleed indicates ahem good blood circulation. </LI>


<LI>However you should have Nose Bleed first before you AARGHH.

<LI>If you AARGHH and then only Nose Bleed, you are experiencing some <STRONG><FONT color=#0000ff>premature</FONT></STRONG> syndrome. May need to seek medical advice.

<LI>It is generally considered good table manners to point out the cause of your Nose Bleed to the other gamers in your table [ ;) ] </LI>


<LI>Pls note that some gamers are also members of Tiram Biru. They still Nose Bleed but prefer the refreshing views of Gunung Patah-Belakang. You can usually recognize them when you point out a Nose Bleed coordinate to them and they ask you back, "Ugh, where ar?"<BR> </LI></UL></UL>

<LI>If we are doing the AARGHH competition during the <A href="/community/forums/thread/8074.aspx">18xx con, the AARGHHs you made during the gaming sessions may count. </LI>


<LI>AARGHHs made when you won an 18xx game gets you more point than those made when you lost an 18xx game.

<LI>AARGHHs made during the game for no particular reason will result in point deduction.


<LI>You shud be concentrating on your game and not on making AARGHHs during gameplay.

<LI>However if you can prove to us that the mid-game AARGHH is caused by another player making (physical) AARGHH-inducing moves on you, no penalty shall be imposed.</LI></UL>

<LI>AARGHHs made while you are in the toilet do not count (for obvious reasons).<BR> </LI></UL>

<LI>Finally if you have problem doing your AARGHHs, you may want to check out <A href="http://www.assbook.com/" target=_blank>Assbook for inspiration. If you are able to identify any of our forum members here from their Assbook picture, you score bonus points.</LI></OL>

<P>Prizes are sponsored by <STRONG><FONT color=#0000ff>French <FONT color=#000000>United</FONT><FONT color=#ff0000> </FONT></FONT><FONT color=#ff0000>Connection<FONT color=#ff0000> </FONT></FONT><FONT color=#ff0000>Kingdom </FONT></STRONG><FONT color=#000000>and <STRONG>World Trade Federation</STRONG>.</FONT></P>
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