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Boardgame In the News / News! (Unofficial) BGG Essen News! Read all about it!!!
« Last post by shrapnel on October 06, 2007, 09:36:32 pm »
Click this link if you dare to find out!
Me? I'm mucho mucho afraid!!

Events & Announcement / Gen Con Oz
« Last post by Champion Eternal on September 28, 2007, 01:33:52 pm »
"Gen Conâ„¢ is set to hit Australian shores at the Brisbane Convention and

Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, on the 3rd of July, 2008.

will be the first time ever that the "Best Four Days in Gaming"â„¢ will

hit Australian shores, offering gamers four fun-filled days of Anime,

Board Games, Collectable Card and Miniatures Games, Computer and

Console Games, CosPlay, Historical and Fantasy Wargames, along with

Tabletop and Live Action Role Playing Games. With over 10,000 square

meters of space under one roof, life in the land down under now leads

up to one thing: Gen Conâ„¢ Australia. So come along and join thousands

of gaming enthusiasts to celebrate what gamers do best: Play hard.

Create worlds. Think brilliantly. Be our heroes. Be ourselves."

Anyone planning to go?
Boardgame In the News / International Gamers Awards (IGA) Winners for 2007
« Last post by jack208 on September 26, 2007, 04:46:54 pm »

The www.internationalgamersawards.net">International Gamers Awards committee is extremely proud to announce the recipients for the 2007 IGA in the General Strategy category:

In the Multi-Player category, the award goes to Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, the creation of Czech designer Vladimir Chvatil and published by Czech Board Games. The initial print run completely sold out, and a second edition is being produced by FRED Distributors. The game presents an exciting story of civilization played through four periods of time, from antiquity to the present. Each game is unique thanks to the many historical leaders, wonders, governments, buildings and military cards available throughout the game. Inspired by the popular Civilization computer game, Through the Ages can be lengthy, but is highly challenging and satisfying. The game has earned the IGA in the General Strategy, Multi-Player category, and it marks the first time the award has been given to a game from the Czech Republic.

In the 2-Player category, the award goes to Mr. Jack, a clever game that takes two players back to the shadowy streets of 19th century London. Eight figures lurk through the increasingly darkening London streets, yet the murderous Jack the Ripper has not yet been caught. Will one player, playing the ripper, remain undiscovered or escape from the city before the other player correctly accuses him? Each player uses the quirky characteristics of eight available personas to either try to isolate the Ripper or throw the other off the track. Designed by French designers Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, and released by Hurrican Games and Asmodee Editions, Mr. Jack challenges the deductive and evasive skills of the players in a clever, yet quick game of chase.

The International Gamers Awards were founded in 1999 for the express purpose of recognizing outstanding games, their designers, and the companies which publish them. The awards have gained widespread acclaim and have helped bring these outstanding games to the public’s attention.

The individuals who serve on our General Strategy and Historical Simulation committees are extremely qualified, knowledgeable and respected within the gaming hobby. Each and everyone have extensive experience in the playing, reviewing and critiquing of games.

You can learn more about the International Gamers Awards by visiting our website at:

For more information, contact the International Gamers Awards, c/o Greg J. Schloesser
Phone: 504-347-6097, greg@gschloesser.net

Read Me First! and FAQs / Ranking
« Last post by c mun on September 24, 2007, 06:03:32 pm »
[;)]Brilliant work!The Ranking system spurs the desire to achieve the ultimate hierachy.
Events & Announcement / Halloween Gaming Nite @ Outpost Oct 2007
« Last post by jack208 on September 20, 2007, 10:07:10 pm »

Hi there, just have got this confirmed with Outpost. We'll be calling for a Halloween Gaming Nite on Oct 27 (Sat) at Outpost (The Curve). Details are still sketchy but from our discussion today...

  • There'll be a Horror Chamber (room deco) where some spooky/horror boardgames will be played. Betrayal at House on the Hill, or Zombies? There are also Fearsome Floor and ... [:-*] Arkham Horror

    • Shrapnel, this is why I wanna testdrive Zombies at OTK first. If it's good, we'll prob do Zombies on Halloween. 

  • You are encouraged to come all dressed-up to scare! Remember these are the Star Wars ppl so you can be sure they'll be in full costume for that nite! But if you are shy, nvm... just come as yourself (which may even be more scarier LOL).

  • Plus we are expecting to do Werewolf sessions... and this could be the largest Werewolf session in town!! Hint: Try not to dress up as a werewolf.
    The last time we did a Werewolf session on Halloween nite, one of the players after the session were actually too scared to sleep! Now imagine doing Werewolf sessions surrounded by Frankensteins, Vampires and the Undeads.

  • Party starts at 8pm after dinner (provided) and officially ends 10pm while unofficially it ends 1230am. As is OTK/BGC mantra, R2 is always an option. [:)]

  • There will be dinner and lucky draws etc. Fresh meat not provided. hehe.

anyone interested, pls let me know here..... Oct 27 Sat, mark this down in your calendar. [changebat]

Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no ones gonna save you from the beast about to strike
You know its thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight

p/s I noticed there's a nice pool hall just a few lots away from Outpost. Those who can be there earlier and who fancy some pool, can meet up and hustle me. We can also try to find out the answers to the "crooked limbs" question.

Tentative Attendees List

  • Cheryl and Siew Hui

  • Aycee

  • Ken Wolfx

  • Shrapnel

  • Chris Yap and frens
Events & Announcement / Caylus Premium Ed - How high can you fly?
« Last post by jack208 on September 19, 2007, 09:56:09 am »

For those of you drooling over getting a copy of the forthcoming Caylus Premium Edition from Ystari that costs EU65 just for the game alone, here's your chance to get a free set, courtesy of Ystari and Boardgamenews.

Caylus has been the darling of the Eurogame community since its debut, so much so that Ystari Games is releasing a Caylus Premium Limited Edition at Spiel 07 that comes with metal coins, a special figure of King Philip, and a completely redesigned look by superstar Mike Doyle.

Ystari Games is donating a copy of the Caylus Premium Edition, which retails for €65, for a contest on Boardgame News. To win the contest, you must determine the largest possible score that a player can obtain in a two-player game. To put everyone on the same ground, assume the following:

  • You take the first turn.

  • The jeweller tile is not included.

  • You have embedded a homunculus in your opponent and can make that player do exactly what you want.
To give everyone an idea of what a winning score might be, I turned to the sourceof all things Caylus. “I had thought about the idea a while ago, but never did any serious research on it,” says Caylus designer William Attia, who speculates that the winning answer might be in the vicinity of 300.

While solo Caylus scores near 370 have been posted on the Geek, Attia says that in a two-player game, “You probably have to sacrifice quite a few points, especially in the beginning of the game, to allow the second player to get enough cash so that he won’t pass too early in the last two-thirds of the game (where most of the points are scored). Also, the second player might help rush up the building of the early castle sections to reach the most valuable favors earlier (while keeping the maximum number of game turns).”

To enter this contest, which has a deadline of September 25th, you must send an email to the BGN editor with your high score in the subject line along with the words “Caylus Contest.” In the body of the email, you must detail the steps you took to achieve that score. These details will be painstakingly checked by yours truly. If two individuals tie for the high score, the player whose opponent scored the most will win; this keeps you from tanking the other player too badly. If people are still tied, then the player who submitted his or her entry first will win.

Events & Announcement / MERDEKA EVENT could not be announced as BGC site was down?
« Last post by macedwin on August 31, 2007, 08:19:17 pm »
Unfortunately, I have not been able to access BGC site for the last 3 days!!! Was something wrong? I SMSed admin but no reply? Anyway, we had our MERDEKA special event today where gamers had the opportunity to trada their used games and buy 50 brand new games at 50% off MRP... Although we only had a small crowd turn up for free Lemon cakes, coffee/tea and games, the quality on offer was awesome! Among the games for trade were Tide of Iron, Battlelore, Ur, Domaine and even some old classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc! 33% of the titles on offer were snapped up for a one-time-only offer, including Byzantium, Wings of War, Tiimbuktu, etc. Although I couldn't post here as the site was down, I know some gamers here did receive news of the event via email & SMS. Thanks to those who did come for cakes & coffee/tea, and may you enjoy your new games!
Boardgame In the News / Nazi Propaganda Boardgames: Origins of the Eurogame?
« Last post by wolfx on August 23, 2007, 07:38:51 am »
Saw this earlier on CNN. The game mechanics look pretty much like the Eurogames of today.

Boardgame In the News / Weekly Games Column in NST Now On Saturdays!
« Last post by macedwin on July 15, 2007, 02:24:30 pm »
After a couple of months break, and restructuring of NST's editorial section, I'm writing their weekly games column once again (called ::Think::) as part of the "6" weekend pullout in the Saturday edition.

The theme based articles ("Top 5 games ...") should be a lot of fun and includes a different way to look at the games we play:

eg. Top 5 games:

- For people with shaky hands,

- You gambling grandma woudl love,

- To attract girls,


Let me know if you have any crazy angles!

Meanwhile, the first article was published yesterday, with Ryan and the Malaysian flag competing in Essen!

For those who missed th article:


Events & Announcement / Settlers of Catan 2007 Malaysian Qualifiers
« Last post by macedwin on July 15, 2007, 02:12:42 pm »
Dear Gamers,

This year's qualifiers is well underway, with the 1st & 2nd qualifiers completed, and 4 finalists decided:

1st Qualifier - 29 June (Saturday).

GAMECON-1.5/Asia Game Zone 2007.

8 participants.

1st: Rob; 2nd Henry.

2nd Qualifier - 15 July (Saturday).

Mage Cafe.

16 participants.

1st: Kai; 2nd: Joshua.


3rd Qualifier - 29 July (Sunday).

Toybox (2 seats).

4th Qualifier - 11 August (Saturday).

boardgamecafe (2 seats).

5th Qualifier - 25 August (Saturday).

MySciFiFan OUTPOST (2 seats).

Special Qualifier (2006 finalists only) - 1 September (Saturday).

TBA (4 seats).

Finals - 8 September (Saturday).


Hope to see you at one of the qualifers! Stay tuned to this site for any changes in schedule.
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