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Posting Guidelines for this Community Board

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Posting Guidelines for this Community Board
« on: February 01, 2011, 10:59:56 pm »
Hi fellow boardgamers,

These forums are set up for all of you to participate, contribute and discuss boardgame-related topics. The posting guidelines and code of conduct are summarized below:

1. No advertisement or posting of competitor related topics or sites or links. This is a Boardgamecafe.net community site and is run by Boardgamecafe Sdn Bhd. We are not in the business of providing free services to our competitors and shall remain so. However we are more than happy for boardgamers - whether you are our customer or otherwise - to make full use of the services in this portal to promote the boardgaming hobby.

For those with commercial announcement or wishes to advertise here, kindly send your requests to the mailto:inquiry@boardgamecafe.net

2. Be nice, courteous and mind our language. We are all here to learn and share so let us all be respectful of each other's opinions, and keep a positive attitude at all times. I alsop hope the seniors are not too critical of the input from the junior members. Remember, we were all once a "junior".

3. NO SPAM! Keep your replies to a decent length (ie at least one sentence, and not one or two words). Do not reply just to bump up your post count. If the Administrators feel you are doing so, they'll deduct your post count or suspend your posting privileges. A little banter here and there is fine but let's not go overboard.

4. No unsolicited PM or Emails. The PM or email feature is there for your convenience. Do not abuse it.

5. Organizing Meetups. If you wish to call for a meetup, pls do so via the forums already set up for this purpose;
- KL Boardgame Meetup - for OTK Cheras
- Kids Game Day - for Boardgamekids meetups

If you are planning meetups that you think can be leveraged together with Boardgamecafe.net, we are always happy to hear from you! Email us at mailto:inquiry@boardgamecafe.net  to discuss how we can work together.

6. Marketplace. We've also created a marketplace forum for members to buy/sell/trade their personal boardgames, This is for personal users selling or trading their games and not for other company/business to hawk their products here. All games transacted through our Markeplace MUST be original and not fake/pirated items. Click here to go to Marketplace.

7. No Piracy. There is to be no discussion at all about any form of fake/pirated or any board/card games that are prohibited in Malaysia. This is a major offense and will result in immediate banning not just from this forum, but from all Boardgamecafe.net activities & events.

NOTE: If boardgame is a hobby you like, do not be a hyprocrite and choke it to death by buying & encouraging pirated/fake version. This may sound like a selfish statement given that we are also distributor of boardgames (and therefore have a vested interest on sales of original boardgames) but I would rather you not buy any boardgames than buy a pirated/fake copy.

Cheers! :fiesta:
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