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WANNA PLAY? Games for the business-minded (NST 060316)

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WANNA PLAY? Games for the business-minded (NST 060316)
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:52:37 am »

Thought Monopoly was something? Well, the games listed below are bound to create waves for the business-minded as they pit against each other in the stock market or go about building their business empires. EDWIN WONG writes.

"FORGET Monopoly. After more than 70 years, that board game has had its day," cried Forbes as it announced its 2006 list of "10 great business games".

According to Forbes, the newest crop of business-themed board and card games caters to hard-core capitalists — the greedier the better!

Some square players against each other in the pits of the stock market. Others demand strategic thinking to build vast real estate empires. Want to smuggle controlled substances during prohibition? You can do that too!

FOR SALE (2005/ Uberplay): A quick, fun game about buying and selling real estate! Bid for buildings and then try to sell them for the greatest profits.

HACIENDA (2005/Rio Grande): Players compete for space on the South America pampas, aiming to bring their livestock to the most markets, earning more points as they serve more markets.

RAILROAD TYCOON (2005/ Eagle): Enough has been said about this likely 2006 award winner. Just go out and get it now! Surely the best business game to come along in the last 10 years!

UP THE... CORPORATION (2005/Glass Ceiling): A fun game to vent your frustrations and laugh at how ridiculous the corporate environment has become — incompetent management, office politics, unending meetings, nepotism, discrimination, dysfunctional office workers — it’s all there!

SO SUE ME!(2004/NY Game Factory LLC): Sue your friends, take their stuff and enjoy the wackiness of today’s lawsuits! Acquire businesses to get income, but run the risk of being sued! And when that happens, bluff your way to settlement or go to trial!

STOCK MARKET TYCOON (2000/VIDA): Developed by market insiders, here’s your chance to experience the thrills of making a million dollars, but without the risk of losing your hard earned money!

MOTLEY FOOL’S BUY LOW SELL HIGH (1996/Uberplay): An elegant and abstract Reiner Knizia classic where you learn how to balance different types of stock behaviours and returns, to make the most money!

HIGH SOCIETY (1995/Uberplay): Another Knizia classic where players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth, while avoiding its pitfalls. Keep an eye on your money though, as the one with the least will not be eligible to win!

I’M THE BOSS! (2004/Face2Face): The best negotiation game ever! Players take turns to be the "Boss" in million dollar deals, and from the moment the deal is "on", it’s no-holds-barred as everyone tries to get a piece of the cake.


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