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WANNA PLAY? Revving it up on the board (NST 060322)

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WANNA PLAY? Revving it up on the board (NST 060322)
« on: March 22, 2006, 09:16:12 pm »

Designer board games rocked Malacca last weekend. EDWIN WONG tells why they are value-for-money entertainment, and better than F1.

UNKNOWN to the tens of thousands of motor-racing enthusiasts, many paying well in excess of RM300 per ticket to watch the two-hour Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang over the weekend, a few thousand game enthusiasts thronged the Multimedia University in Air Keroh in Malacca to enjoy more than eight hours of gaming for free!

“Ah, but you cannot compare Formula 1 to designer games,” say the multitude of sweating F1 fans – but here’s where we prove them wrong:

- The cheapest ticket to this year’s F1 was RM50 to sit on the grass in the uncovered Hillstand on race day only. This excludes RM50 for a three-day parking pass.

- Over the two-hour race, that works out to RM50 per person per hour.

- Watching the F1 race is entertainment, no different from watching a movie, or playing designer board games.

- A movie on a weekend would set you back an average of RM15 (RM10 for the ticket plus RM5 for popcorn, etc), or RM10 per person per hour.

Now compare that to buying and playing designer games. The two most popular and highly awarded games — Settlers of Catan & Ticket to Ride — go for around RM180 each.

As they play four players over an hour, that works out to a shockingly low RM3.75 per person per hour if you play the game just 12 times in your life!

Is that a lot? Well, the winner of the Settlers competition in last year’s GAMECON-1 played the game more than 300 times!

At the highest end, games like the massively popular World of Warcraft (check out the huge crowds in the picture below!) goes for around RM320, but plays up to eight players over an average game time of four hours. That works out to just RM10 per person per hour if you play the game just once in your life!

Which brings me back to the 1st GACC (Games, Animae & Comics Convention) organised by the Multimedia University.

Well done, folks! Considering you would probably never get free F1 or movie tickets, GACC offered participants eight satisfying hours of entertainment, including the opportunity to try the best designer games in the world — absolutely FREE!

From the perspective of “value-for-money” lifestyle entertainment, it’s no wonder many made their way from KL to Air Keroh!

View our photo gallery of this event now, more than 80 photos for you to enjoy


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