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Edwin Wong report on Boardgamenews (Mar 2006)

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Edwin Wong report on Boardgamenews (Mar 2006)
« on: April 05, 2006, 11:55:33 am »

Edwin Wong: March Report From This Side Of Earth

The momentum gained from GAMECON-1 in Kuala Lumpur last December is quickly snowballing into some very exciting projects! Here’s a quick overview of some exciting developments:

- The official KL Boardgame Meetup finally kicked-off in February, after overwhelming demand from dozens of newly converted gamers during GAMECON-1!
- The first mini-game convention outside of Kuala Lumpur was held in the historic city of Melaka this month, as part of the GACC (Games, Animae & Comics Convention), organized by the Multimedia University. It was jam-packed despite being held on the same weekend as the Malaysian Grand Prix, with Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Cross Over games drawing the most attention.
- The first local game club, Game Circle, has been seeing a full house every weekend since the beginning of the year.
- A second game club, PanGlobal Club, has been announced in the weekly games column “Wanna Play?” in the national English daily, New Straits Times, and is set to open its doors in April.
- The 2nd & 3rd Qualifiers for the Settlers of Catan & Carcassonne International Championship will be held at Game Circle and PanGlobal Club between April - June. This year, Malaysia will be sending 2 representatives for Catan and 1 for Carcassonne. The 1st Qualifer was held during GAMECON-1 last year.
- Finally, the international coffee chain, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, have confirmed that they will be launching the first “game cafe” concept stores in 10 of their outlets in Kuala Lumpur, and eventually to all their other outlets in the country!

- Settlers Cafe, the pioneer of game cafes in Singapore, have opened their 3rd outlet in Singapore, and have announced that they will be opening their first outlet in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur later this year.
- Singapore will also be sending representatives to the Catan World Championship this year, and will have their Qualifiers in Paradigm Infinitum next month.
- Home grown game designers continue to promote their titles in the established gaming markets of USA and Europe.

- The first game convention was held in Bangkok at the ABAC Bangna campus in February.
- Bangkok’s first game cafe, Playloft, are busy preparing for their launch in June, in conjunction with the start of the new tertiary education year, as they are located within the premises of a popular University.

On the whole, there is a clear sense of growing enthusiasm in designer games, which I believe will continue to grow until GAMECON-2 this year!

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