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WANNA PLAY: Enter the flick-to-kick challenge (NST060503)

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WANNA PLAY: Enter the flick-to-kick challenge (NST060503)
« on: May 05, 2006, 09:38:49 am »

Wanna Play: Enter the flick-to-kick challenge
03 May 2006

Not a professional footballer? No problem. EDWIN WONG invites you to compete for the 2006 World Cup anyway.

SAY hello to the 2006 Subbuteo World Cup (Malaysian Chapter)!

Thirty-two Malaysians will have the unique opportunity to play in this year’s finals, as one of the countries participating. Following the actual World Cup schedule, the first match kicks off on June 9, with the finals taking place on July 9.

Invented in 1947, Subbuteo became the cult table soccer game in the 1970s, where Malaysia even held qualifiers for the 1978 Subbuteo World Cup held in London!

Sadly, the game all but disappeared during the 1980s, giving way to cheap pirated soccer games — PC/Console software, and pub favourite, foosball.

After more than two decades, many have finally come to realise that, from a skills and visual point of view, nothing compares to the “real thing”. Subbuteo, is still the closest thing to live action soccer!

This fast-paced, highly skilled “flick-to-kick” game is now set to win back the hearts of soccer-crazy Malaysians!

The finals will be held over six locations:

  • Petaling Jaya (PanGlobal Club),

  • Damansara Jaya I (Games Circle),

  • Damansara Jaya II (Comics Corner),

  • Subang Jaya (Comics Corner),

  • Paramount Gardens (ToyBox) and

  • Cheras (Boardgamecafe.net)

— and the entry fee is RM30 (teams provided!).

Registration and selection will be open from next week.

For pre-registration and enquiries, email imagine_newszine@mac.com.

You can also register by RSVP at http://boardgames.meetup.com/310/events/4923930/


New Arrivals: Mensa winners that won’t bust your brains...

ONE could be forgiven for associating Mensa with highly intelligent people who don’t know how to have fun. Well, if only you knew that many of them play games that are exciting and socially interactive!

Here are some Mensa award winners that will give your brains a good workout, without busting it!

Ingenious (Fantasy Flight) — 2005 MENSA Winner
An abstract game from acclaimed designer Reiner Knizia, Ingenious certainly dispels the notion that abstract games are boring!

Each turn, players place a two-piece tile on the board and score points if their symbols are connected in an unbroken line to similar symbols on the board.

Players try to maximise their score with every tile placed, or sabotage their opponents by breaking up possible unbroken lines!

Where this game shines is in how the winner is decided — it’s the player with the most points in the least-scored symbol, forcing players to score points evenly across all symbols!

Bridges of Shangri-La (Uberplay) — 2004 MENSA Winner
The third in the series of games (after Cartagena and Clans) by Leo Colovani, who is fast gaining popularity, Bridges is the most challenging, and certainly one of the heavier winners.

In Bridges, players are Masters, training new students and sending them across bridges to take control of neighbouring mountain tribes.

For most part of the game, these students co-habit in uncomfortable alliances with rival tribes, and eventually, some of them become Masters and take their turn to train other students, and send them across other bridges.

Bridges collapse as they are crossed, causing them to separate villages forever. In the end, when the last bridge falls, the player with the most Masters will control Shangri-La.

Transamerica (RioGrande) — 2003 MENSA Winner
A very light and fun game, it’s played over three rounds. In each round, players draw five destination cards, representing cities across North America. Each turn, players lay up to two tracks, and the first player to connect all their five cities wins that round.

Other players are penalised according to how far away they are from connecting to their cities. The further away, the more penalty points.

The twist in this game is that you can “piggy back” on other players’ tracks, so it pays to anticipate how you can use other players’ tracks while not letting them use yours!


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