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Malaysia Subbuteo World Cup Competition (kiv)

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Malaysia Subbuteo World Cup Competition (kiv)
« on: July 11, 2006, 01:28:27 pm »

Malaysia Subbuteo World Cup Competition. Fancy yourself scoring the winning goal in the Final? Take part in our finger-flicking good table soccer competition and see whether you can bend it like Beckham.

Since a few ppl have written to me asking about this cancellation, I thought it's best to put this notice here.

This event was initially formed in our minds one fine afternoon in June (when we got bored with boardgames perhaps hahaha) and we thought of riding with the World Cup to run this event. Thus we put out some announcement to invite interested ppl to learn about this game. We even shipped in a few sets of Subbuteo to get ready for the competition.

However we forgot that we have the Settlers of Catan Qualifiers starting in mid June and lasting till end July, which will then be followed by the Carcassonne Qualifiers in August. It'll then be a month before Spiel 06 (Essen) and once that's over, we'll be looking at GAMECON-2 planning....

So we realized running two competitions in the same month esp with the SOC being the highlight of June/July was rather ambitious. This unfortunately means we've to put the Subbuteo competition on hold until at least after the SOC and Carcassonne events are over.

Anyone who's interested to be kept informed of future Subbuteo events, kindly register your interest here. We'll certainly notify when we resume this competition.

In fact, I've got correspondence from Spore and also from the World Subbuteo Association (that's like FIFA in the Subbuteo World) to keep them informed of our progress. There's a World Subbuteo Cup ongoing yearly and if we can find a sponsor, we could do qualifiers to select a champion from Msia to participate in the World Cup.


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