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Gamers more than just Geeks

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Gamers more than just Geeks
« on: July 03, 2007, 02:40:01 am »

Long tagged the pursuit of choice for teenage males, the profile of today's gamer casts a broad demographic net, reports Ad Age. Today, teenagers account for only 17 percent.

The popularity of online gaming comprises the source of the shift, according to an NPD study entitled Online Gaming 2007: The Virtual Landscape.

Advertising in games is a $200 million industry, with multiplayer online games accounting for just 19 percent of gamers. Casual gaming, or card, puzzle and arcade games, accounts for 44 percent of all gamers. This category has been especially savory for advertisers.

Seventeen percent of gamers keep online casinos afloat, while at the other end of the spectrum, 20 percent of gamers include kids aged 6 to 12. Fifty-four percent of gamers are console owners, while 41 percent are on a handheld system, like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Surprisingly, women represent 42 percent of gamers and typically play casual, single-person games online. And finally, 80 percent of online gamers hail from middle class backgrounds, pulling in between $35,000 to $75,000 per year.

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Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2007, 08:38:30 am »
psychographic (whatever that means) profile of (board) gamers in kl...

1. freeloaders - they luv playing games! they are authorities in most games. they know all the rules (free downloads). they are very sociable. but they just don't buy games, and free load off others. they are not poor. just kiasu.

2. hoarders - they must have the new releases before anyone else, for which they are willing to pay premium prices to pre-order. they crave "oops" and "limited editions". they are rich. they will fight nail & claw to deny you the "last" set available. but they just don't play 90% of the games they buy. they take pride in the number of games they still have in shrinkwrap.

3. meddlers - they love playing games... for others! they spend 80% of their time telling others (who are playing) how they should play; and less than 20% actually playing. they think they are doing a service. they are actually an unwelcome pest. their income level is irrelevant.

4. rule leveragers - they love the rules more than the game. they usually win by announcing a rule (usually house rule) for the winning move, only as they are about to make that move. or deny someone else victory by pulling out some obscure rule. they don't believe in all is fair if all have the same understanding.

5. unconscious destructos. they give you the impression that they are all out to destroy your precious game set. they eat and drink dangerously close to your game, make it a point use their greasy fingers to paw your game bits, and treat your game cards with utterly no respect.

6. everybobdy loves [] - yea, the real gamer. a lady or a gentleman. buys games to open immediately so others can share the joy. welcomes all to play. brings games wherever he goes, inviting people to learn and try. also will try/play any game. god bless you. you know who you are.

7. snobs - they love complex games. the more complex the better. they are careful not to associate with "simple" games - makes them look less learned. they love name throwing. the more exotic sounding the game the better. they believe that associating with complex games makes them appear more intelligent. poor sods. they are usually broke as well, though you couldn't tell of course.

8. anythings - they always hang around looking to join a game. they are friendly. noone can resist their puppy looks. when you finally ask them to join the next game, they happily accept. then you ask them what they would like to play - and they respond, "anything". you pull out blokus, and they go "aiyoh, dun wan lah". you pull out game of thrones, they go "aiyah so heavy". you pull out 18xx, they go "wah, too long". you pull out saboteur, they go "play so many times oledi". i urge you to pull your punches if you ever meet these type.

among the kl gamers whom we know, why don't you post how many % you think we fall into the various types? be fun to see.

here's my take:

1. freeloaders - 20%.

2. hoarders - 5%.

3. meddlers - 15%.

4. rule leveragers - 5%.

5. unconscious destructos - 5%.

6. everybody loves [] - 30%.

7. snobs - 15%.

8. anythings - 5%.

Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2007, 11:47:27 am »

I'm a hoarder/snob but I'm not broke...yet. hehe. So maybe you should change that in your post. The reason why the misconceptions that all snobs are broke is because we buy obsure games (usually online) and OOP games that can't be found in Malaysia (18GL, Age of Steam, 7 Ages, and Campaign for North Africa are good examples). If only someone would bring in the handmade customised 18xx kits from deepthoughtgames... then maybe us snobs/hoarders will 'sapu' everything... And of course, show you our REAL buying power...hehe...

Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2007, 12:05:19 pm »
ha2, i thought of one more category - "component lover" - or those who love their components more than the game itself, as evidenced by the great lengths they go through to shower their components with love, but realized that this was an extremely rare condition that didn't merit a category!

i'm a combo of freeloader (have opened less than 3 new games in last 3 years, resorting to playing my customers' games!) - rule leverager (somehow always forget to teach newbies one/two of the finer rules, usually those involving the winning move, until i am about to make the winning move - oopsy!).

i used to be a hoarder until i started the business side of games. duh, jeff still cant get me to sell my shrinkwrap copy of french dune, and my son still cant touch my whole ambush series!

Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2007, 10:01:30 am »

Lol, you can also add another one-- "zealot" -- one who will not rest until he/she collected the complete set/series including it's expansions of a certain tittle -- like me. It's unlike hoarding, it's that playing/using something while lacking the add-on component make me feel 'incomplete'.(even if the upcoming expansions are just rumours) Be it boardgames, pc games, books, gardening tools or even cooking utensils that's needed to make the perfect chocholate cake!

Shopkeepers and people who are in the business would really love us since we will always come back to look for more to make our collection complete.  The downside is, once we have all that we needed, we are easily satisfied and settle down to finally enjoy the stuff we've collected...fanatically sticking to the things that we enjoy the most without the slightest care for anything else that others try to promote.

Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2007, 06:17:37 am »
Since we are in this topic i found this from BGG about GAMERTOLOGY: Learn How to Identify Gamer Species in their Natural Environments, there is the link.


I'm a Gamer and Enthusiasit.


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Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #6 on: August 09, 2007, 09:08:18 am »
Man...macedwin sounds quite "fed up", with all the "negative" gamer types he posted. Hahaha.
And here I thought everyone was happy happy joy joy.

If i were to describe myself, i'm a social gamer and would buy games I can see myself playing over and over again with gamers and non-gamers.

Gamers more than just Geeks
« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2007, 06:09:16 pm »
I love games (and who doesnt?)
I'm partly one of those who buy games and play very little of it.
1. Reason : time [smashcomp]
2. No kaki-gamers [duh]

(Am currently hunting for a nice solotaires actually...)

Anyway, I see myself as 'expansionist'. No, not those who collect expansions after expansions. Each time I buy a new game, I'd like to see how i can expand the game, for example : I just got myself  'Shogun'... already wondering if I could insert some ninja element. [6]

pssst! if expansion isnt the right term, i suppose variant will do