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ARCHIVED: Connecting to this site using your Facebook login

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ARCHIVED: Connecting to this site using your Facebook login
« on: January 31, 2011, 04:21:25 am »
Update: Facebook Login not supported in this current version of Community Board software.

If you are already an existing user/member of this site and would like to connect this site's login with your Facebook login, pls refer to the following instructions.

1. Edit your Profile Settings
- at the bottom of the screen, click to view the options next to your profile/username
- select "My Profile"

2. In your Profile page, click "Edit my profile" in the top right section of the page

3. From your Edit Profile page,
- select "Manage Facebook Connect" from the options in your left-hand column
- then click on "Login with Facebook" to start Facebook Connect

If the Login with Facebook button is not visible, you need to open another browser and log in to Facebook first.

4. Facebook Connect will now start and attempt to link your Facebook login profile with this portal's login profile (see image below)
- check the current Facebook login username (bottom left of the screen) to confirm you are the one who's actively logged into Facebook
- click "Allow" to give BGC Portal permission to retrieve some basic data from your Facebook profile

5. You can further customize the Connect options between Facebook and this portal via the Facebook Connect options page (see below):

6. Congratulations! You've now associated your Facebook profile with this portal's login!! In future when you wish to login to this portal, you can simply cilck on the "Login with Facebook" button on the top right section of the page (below).

Let us know if you have further questions on this topic by posting a reply here.
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