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Hmm... when he's not spending time in BSW, he can write some useful stuff. Wow! [bowgod]

aanemesis has hit the nail on the head here. Some one-liners and ribbing are just that; for a group of buddies to "keep in touch" with each other when they dun see face-2-face until the next meetup. Like the OTK thread which is full of tit-n-tats and I suspect a lot of OTK regulars actually look forward to see who's the next one to post some funny remarks on that thread. Well, at least I do. [:)]

There are of course the real "spam". Post which does not even add to the bantering but merely rehashing some other posts just to make a reply.

Anyway, we post becoz we enjoy posting. Let's keep that spirit, and not throw away the baby with the water. As aanemesis said, this forum is for us to have fun - so LET'S HAVE FUN POSTING!



Presence of fury +frustrations=corrupted server

Posting in multiple forums doesnt make one a spammer ,just opionated and eager to learn.This is after all a forum for discussions and comments.If the organisers only welcome boardgamers theologians who post ala Professor Higgins ,they will have to lock many forums and 'tutup kedai'.Peace.


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I Dun Like Spammers

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam


In the full spirit of the Monty Python sketch: "SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!" (ad infitintum)[/quote]

Yep thats what my end-note was aimed at..... gotta luv da Python!!!

Point taken, will try to increase quantity of substantive arguments in all future posting but this will take some time to work into my own style since I go like to have the last say in almost everything (except the Wargame forum) but it never ever happens since people will just drop one behind my back begging a response from me ASAP. Tit for tat.

Actually I wasn't considering your good self when dealing with this issue. There are others............. [omigod] .......... guilty others.......... *shhhhhhh* the hunt continues