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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2007, 12:47:03 pm »
[quote user="aanemesis"]

Drat! Wrong timing. I've been planning a Gold Coast trip next Aug/Sep with the family. Now all I have to do is figure out how to swing 2 Ozzie trips in 1 year. [hmmhmm]


why don't you just migrate there permanently?

Gen Con Oz
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2007, 01:04:19 pm »

If you are wanting to stay on the Gold Coast during the convention, you may wish to consider the following:

1) The trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane varies between 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the time you leave.

2) The convention is on during the school holidays for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  It is for this reason you may wish to book early.

I hope this assists someone.

Gen Con Oz
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2007, 01:04:27 pm »

Don't forget to register for the Gen Con Australia E-News at the Gen Con Australia website at www.genconoz.com



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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #13 on: October 01, 2007, 04:16:10 pm »
[quote user="GenConOZ"]

Don't forget to register for the Gen Con Australia E-News at the Gen Con Australia website at www.genconoz.com



Already did -I received your latest email which triggered the OP.[:)]


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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #14 on: December 05, 2007, 02:22:25 am »
I just received the Gencon Oz 3rd newsleter:


Welcome to Gen Con™ Australia’s E-News for

November 2007, your monthly
round-up of the latest Gen Conâ„¢ Australia news

and information. With the
Convention only eight months away, things are

really starting to pick up
pace in the Gen Conâ„¢ Australia offices. Over the

coming months we’ll
be rolling out announcements regarding the special guests

and events
happening at the inaugural Australian event in 2008, starting with

exciting news of our first Guest of Honour – former Wizards of the

CEO and current head of Gen Con LLC Peter Adkison!

This month’s

newsletter also includes an announcement about the Gen
Conâ„¢ Australia open

play area, an update for those of you thinking of
volunteering your time at

the convention, and new instalments in our Gamer
Profile, Shout Out and Game

Review columns. As usual, we’d ask you to
tell your friends about Gen Conâ„¢

Australia if you like what you see.

Finally, we’re happy to announce

that our E-News newsletter is now
available in both html and plain text

versions. If you’re receiving
E-News in one format and would prefer the

other, simply head over to the
Gen Con Australia homepage and set your

preference in your Gen Conâ„¢
Australia profile.




Gen Conâ„¢ Australia is pleased to announce our first

Guest of Honour, the
former CEO of Wizards of the Coast and current head of

Gen Con LLC, Peter

Peter Adkison claims to have lived every

gamers dream, and it’s hard to
argue with him when you look at what he’s

achieved. He formed a small
company named Wizards of the Coast back in 1990

and transformed it into
one of the most powerful hobby game companies in the

world. Some of the
games Wizards produced while Peter was at the helm include

the Magic: The
Gathering and Pokémon card games, as well as the third edition

of the
Dungeons and Dragon’s roleplaying game.

Since leaving Wizards

of the Coast in 2001, Peter has spent his time
managing Gen Con LLC and

overlooking the Indianapolis and SoCal events.
He’s also formed a new game

company, Hidden City Games, to produce the
collectible card game Bella Sara

and a number of other projects that are
still in development.  There are

rumors that a few lucky Australian gamers
will even get a sneak peak at one

of these upcoming projects during Gen Con
Australia, in sessions run by

Adkison himself.

For more information about Peter’s latest company, head

on over to
Hidden City Games’ website at www.hiddencitygames.com. To catch

glimpse of the gamer behind the game-industry mogul, check out our

Profile later in the newsletter.




for October!

Congratulations to the winners of Octobers Kingdom Quest

giveaway, made
possible thanks to Mind Challenge games. The four E-News

subscribers who
have walked away with a copy of the game are:


Kez & Mike Viola - Clayfield QLD
•    Garry Wait - Bardon QLD   

Christine Penco - Morwell VIC
•    Kris Hembury - Upper Mt Gravatt QLD   

New Years Eve Giveaway

New Years Eve is always a time for

celebration, but for five lucky E-News
subscribers there will be something

extra to party about. On January 1st,
2008, we’re going to be giving away

five four-day Gen Conâ„¢ Australia
badges to randomly selected E-News

subscribers. All you have to do to win
is stay subscribed to the Gen Conâ„¢

Australia E-News newsletter and
you’re automatically in the running. It’s

that easy! 

Terms and conditions do apply, so head to the following

linke for details:



The Open Play Area

Although Gen Conâ„¢ Australia will have

more events on its schedule than
you can roll a d6 at, we’re also aware that

some of the best games at a
convention aren’t the ones you planned on playing

in advance. With that
in mind, we’ve set aside a portion of the convention

centre as an Open
Play area – a place when you can fill in an hour or two by

getting a
couple of gamers together and playing the game of your choice. This

is the
area where you can gather together a few new friends to test out that

game you just bought in the exhibitor’s hall, or to play an impromptu

with those friends you only get to see at conventions.

Gen Conâ„¢

Australia Needs You!

Gen Conâ„¢ Australia is still looking for volunteers

and Gen Conâ„¢
Australia Ambassadors. The full details of our Volunteer Policy

are now
live, including details about some of the benefits on offer. Offering

work as little as three hours a day over the course of the convention

earn you a free Gen Conâ„¢ Australia t-shirt, as well as cover the cost

your badge! Further details are available here:

Wanting to run a game,

seminar or workshop at Gen Conâ„¢ Australia?   Then
why not be a big part of

the first ever Gen Conâ„¢ to hit Australia shores
and run an event.  We are

currently taking submissions for events, games
and other game-related

activities - all you need to do is complete our
online submission form here:




Last month we told you about Gen Con™ Australia’s alliance

with Gamer
Adventures and mourned the loss of both Dungeon and Dragon

This month we will touch on a question that’s important to many

Gen Con
attendees –"when will the GM’s policy arrive?"

Gen Conâ„¢

Australia GM/Event Organiser’s Guide

One of the first things we were

asked when our volunteer policy went live
was “what about the GMs?” That’s a

good question and it will be
answered very soon – the Event Host Policy

containing those guidelines
is being edited as you read this. Expect to see

the Event Host Policy go
live on the Gen Con â„¢ Australia site in early


Well that's all the

news we have for this issue of Gen Conâ„¢ Australia
E-News.  Check our Gamer

Profile, Game Review and “Shout-Outs”
sections below.  Thanks for reading and

we hope you've enjoyed this
month’s Gen Conâ„¢ Australia E-News.  Join us next

time for more hot
gossip, competitions, and lots more




The Gen Con Australia Shout-Outs promote gaming events and

fan events with
game-related components occurring around Australia. If you

have an event
you’d like us to add to our Shout Out database, send us the

along with a brief description of the event (including the website

and any
contact details for the event) to shoutouts@genconoz.com



Saturday 26th January 2008 to Monday 28th January 2008 (Monday is

Where: Pavilion B, Exhibition Park, Flemington Road, Mitchell,


CanCon runs in Canberra over the Australia Day

long weekend, from January
26th until January 28. Now in its thirtieth year,

the convention offers a
wide array of wargames, board games, card games,

trade stalls, roleplaying
events and painting completions. It also offers the

special Comfy Chair
Zone, where tired gamers can take a break between

sessions and relax.
Gen Con Australia attendees may be interested in several

of the
tournaments running at CanCon, including the Australian Blood

Nationals, the Australian Open Board Games Championship, a

tournament for the Magic: The Gathering pro-tour and the Yu-Gi-Oh

Championship 2008.

Website: http://www.cgs.asn.au/cancon2008.html



When: 25 January to 29 January, 2008

Collingwood College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gaming: Roleplaying

games, Freeforms, RPGA and Miniatures.
Website: http://www.arcanacon.org



Name:  Peter Adkison

Background: Peter can be described as

a serial entrepreneur. He’s has
lived the dream of every gamer. He started

his own game publishing
company, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) in 1990 and was

the company’s CEO
until 2001. During this time WotC published Magic: The

Gathering, acquired
TSR and re-launched Dungeons and Dragons, and published

Pokémon. Peter
sold WotC to Hasbro in 1999 and in 2002 acquired the Gen Con

gamefair from
Hasrbo, which he currently owns and manages. Recently, Peter

started a new
game company, Hidden City Games, with Jesper Myrfors, to

publish Bella

Day Job: CEO, Hidden City Games and Gen Con


Interests: Gaming, rock climbing, snowboarding, travel,


Favourite Food: Feojada (Editors note: We didn’t know what it was,

so we
went looking – it’s a south American bean dish served with beef

smoked sausage).

Favourite Game: FreeMarket (under


If you could invite any one famous person (dead or alive) to

dinner and a
game, who would it be?

Robin Williams, ‘cause I knew

he’s a gamer, so he might actually be
really good at it and we know he’s

incredibly funny. I think a game with
him has the best chance of being one of

the funniest games ever.

What do you look forward to most about Gen Conâ„¢

Australia in 2008?

Getting to meet Australian Gamers .


Adkison will be guest of honour at Gen Con Australia 2008. His

projects can be found at www. hiddencitygames.com.




Company: Memento Mori Theatricks

This is a roleplaying

game chock-full of goofy fun. The setting is a kind
of quirky cross between

Ghostbusters and The Office, with the players
taking on the role of

investigators for a new InSpectres occult
investigation franchise, solving

mysteries with a reality TV crew in tow
recording their every move. The

players are encouraged to deliver
Confessional asides to the camera,

commenting on the action and their
fellow investigators, while the characters

to do everything they can to
fight the forces of darkness and keep their

Franchise from going into
debt. There’s a lot of comic potential in the

concept and it’s
complimented by an elegant system that makes game play fast

and smooth.
The real strength of the game isn’t in its setting, though.

Instead, the
real strength lies in the way it structures the investigation.

It’s no secret that roleplaying games have always had issues

the feeling of a good mystery or investigative television show.

Players are
rarely as deductive as the detectives and private investigators

they play
in such games and GMs don’t have the same level of control that

scriptwriter has over the investigating characters. This

frequently means an investigation becomes frustrating, tiresome

or simply
unsatisfying as clues are missed, odd tangents are followed, or

players are simply lead through the adventure by the dreaded rail-road.

Rather than leaving the players to follow the pre-generated clues

by the GM, InSpectres changes the dynamic and gives the players

over the resolution. They literally get to make the mystery up as

solve it, responding to the situations the GM presents them with

telling everyone what the clue they’ve just uncovered means. If a

makes a successful skill check while researching supernatural

phenomena in
the library, it’s that player who gets to decide what they found

and how
it’s relevant. If they succeed in breaking open the creepy chest in

haunted attic, it’s the player that determines what’s hidden

and how it can be used.

In short, solving an InSpectres mystery

doesn’t revolve around guessing
what the GM had planned. Instead the players

are always right, solving the
mystery once they reach a predetermined number

of successful skill checks
and coming up with the resolution that makes sense

from the details
available. There are no frustrating tangents and no

irrelevant clues
because the players drive the solution to the mystery, not

the GM.

InSpectres is fast and effective, and a perfect game to play

short-notice when prep-time is an issue.

For more information on

this product, visit the Memento Mori Theatrick’s
webpage at http://www.memento-mori.com/

Send us a review of your

favourite game to enews@genconoz.com


Gen Con Oz
« Reply #15 on: December 05, 2007, 03:23:13 am »

When you make statements about how Gen Con is BETTER (in whatever way) than Spiel in Essen, you are merely showing your total ignorance of the facts...

1. Gen Con claims to be the original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world. For nearly 40 years, Gen Con Indy has been setting the trend and breaking records. Last year, more than 26,000 unique attendees (note: NOT TURNSTILE ATTENDEES) experienced Gen Con Indy. Gen Con Australia will draw FAR less. SPIEL DRAWS CROWDS OF >150,000!

2. Gen Con Australia will showcase 10,000 sq meters of exhibition space. SPIEL SHOWCASES >43,000 SQ METERS!

3. Only a handful of new releases by US publishers (including English version releases of previously released German games) are announced in Gen Con. There are ZERO game releases from non-US publishers. AT SPIEL, MORE THAN 200 NEW GAMES BY ALL THE TOP PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD (INCLUDING THE FEW BY US PUBLISHERS) ARE RELEASED!

4. Consequently, the number of games you get to see/try/play at Gen Con are old stuff (since so few new stuff are released). AT SPIEL, THERE ARE NO OLD STUFF TO TRY SINCE THERE ARE MORE THAN 200 NEW RELEASES TO TRY!

So, PLEASE - I BEG OF YOU FELLOW M'SIAN BCG'rs - by all means go and have a great time at Gen Con Australia since it is nearer and cheaper to go to. BUT DON'T FOOL YOURSELF INTO THINKING THAT IT IS BETTER THAN GOING TO SPIEL.

That is a statement of total ignorance. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN SPIEL which is acknowledged as the world's number 1 (by far) game convention. Just ask the publishers.

***This post by no means is intended to suggest that Gen Con Australia is not a worthy event. I applaud all efforts of anyone who puts up a convention this side of Earth! Well done!

***This post is intended to set the head straight for people who, for whatever reason, think that a Gen Con is the same as/or better than Spiel in some ways.

Gen Con Oz
« Reply #16 on: December 05, 2007, 04:06:24 am »
wei, don't condemn the whole group when only ONLY one specifically made a comment that GenCon is better than spiel. Most of them basically was thinking of GOLD COAST 1st and GenCon 2nd. Or how to kill 2 bird with one stone.

Essen no doubt is good, BUT just to go there for that purpose is only for the rich. Euro is not helping either. So don't get you feathers ruffled over this. Cheers Mate!!!


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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #17 on: December 05, 2007, 03:56:13 pm »

Cool... I'm so getting ready for this!! Days of playing P.Rico, Caylus, 18xx, AOS with gamers around this region.. ya man, that's what gaming is all about!

CE, do keep this thread active and closer to that event, we can organize something... [thumbsup]

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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #18 on: December 05, 2007, 04:42:54 pm »
aiyoh, although gold coast may be better than essen (which is a boring place actually), don't forget essen is driving distance/budget airline away from many parts of europe! then, europe tons better than gold coast lah... actually i hate gold coast! its practically owned by the japanese and its nothing more than a hyped up tourist town!

please lah, save the money you are thinking of spending on gold coast and go to essen next year.

aiyah, for gamers who play 18xx, aos and caylus as the ultimate game, and won't settle for "lesser" games (like blokus!), surely you understand both concepts mah? so if essen is the ultimate gamers destination, how come you all settling for less? not consistent with your game taste lah... ;-)

go essen next year lah... going to gen con is like caylus pros resorting to monopoly (not a bad game if not compared with anything)... sigh! so sad lah!


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Gen Con Oz
« Reply #19 on: December 06, 2007, 03:11:42 am »

[quote user="macedwin"]actually i hate gold coast! its practically owned by the japanese and its nothing more than a hyped up tourist town! [/quote]

Agree with you with regards to Gold Coast being a tourist town full of Japanese but diving in the Barrier Reef is something I have always wanted to do.... [ip] 5 days on a live-aboard, life doesn't get better than that (unless it's stormy with 4 meter waves... dry land is better then... [+o(])