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ManorCon - UK's largest games con

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ManorCon - UK's largest games con
« on: March 09, 2010, 09:28:51 pm »

If you've never been to ManorCon before and are wondering what it's all
about, ManorCon is the largest board games convention in the UK.

It's held annually in July, in one of the halls of residence of Leicester University.
Approximately 200 gamers come along for a weekend of intensive board gaming,
some entering tournaments, others simply playing socially.

It's great fun, and makes a change from your humdrum everyday life. If
you've never been before, why not try it? Further details of the tournaments
and other events can be found below.

With so many people at the Convention, you should be able to find plenty of
other people who want to play the same sort of games as you. Either look
around for someone setting up a game and ask if you can join in, or look for
a group already playing a game, and ask if they know where you can get into
a game. If you see a game that looks interesting, then ask about it. Most
people are happy to teach a new player. Alternatively, try asking one of the
Tournament Directors to help get you into a game, or if you don't know how
to find him, one of the ManorCon Committee will be "on duty" to answer
queries, solve problems, etc., throughout the weekend – we can help to point
you in the right direction.

The aim of ManorCon is to play games and have fun, and our aim is to help
you to succeed in doing both!

Tournaments will include: Diplomacy, 18XX, Dominion, Puerto Rico, St
Petersburg, Acquire, Race for the Galaxy, Midnight Party and Croquet.  There
will also be plenty of non-tournament games on offer – far too numerous to
mention! There will also be a games stall, a second hand games sale, a pop
quiz and a treasure hunt.

For further details please contact:
Steve Jones, 59 Sudeley Walk, Putnoe, Bedford, MK41 8JH, UK Tel. +44
(0)1234 405878
email us at info@manorcon.org.uk or check out our website at

Following on from last year’s successful convention, ManorCon will once
again be held at Stamford Hall, University of Leicester, in 2010. Things
will be very similar to last year. We have the same hall, the same rooms in
Stamford House, and the same accommodation. We even have the same people on
the committee!

As ever, single accommodation is available at the convention. For those
people who want twin accommodation, we recommend The Regency Hotel, which is
just under a mile from the convention. The contact details are The Regency
Hotel, 360 London Road, Stonygate, LE2 2PL. Telephone 0116 270 9634. It
offers double rooms for £62 per night. If you want to take this option, we
recommend booking early, as it filled up last year.

Apart from that, ManorCon will be pretty much the same as the successful
formula we had in 2009. Running from Friday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime,
it will have all the regular tournaments, plus one or two possible new
ones – depending on the success (or otherwise) of the latest new game
releases. It will once again feature the Second Hand Game Sale on Friday and
Saturday, the Pop Quiz on Saturday evening, and the Treasure Hunt on Sunday
afternoon (which will hopefully be shorter than the 2008 and 2009
editions!), as well as more games than you can shake a stick at.

Also this year, ManorCon will once again be hosting the Spielchamps on
Saturday. Teams of four players take part in four games each, with the
winners earning the right to represent the UK at the World Championships in
Germany. The competition has been a mixed success in the last couple of
years, but with a big promotional push, and the games selected to make sure
everybody knows them, it's going to be a much bigger event this year. If you
are interested in taking part, then either form a team, or let the organisers know
you're looking for a team, and then turn up immediately after breakfast on
Saturday for the start of the tournament.

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ManorCon - UK's largest games con
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2010, 03:23:02 am »
are we organising a trip or something here?... [:P]

ManorCon - UK's largest games con
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2010, 08:28:52 am »
Prefer more on UK Games Expo because there's where they release new games like Automobile last year and such... Maybe the new reprint is aiming for this???