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Member Groups
« on: February 01, 2011, 06:56:08 pm »
The members in this community are assigned to specific group depending on their contribution and activity level. Here's the lowdown on the various groups found in this community.

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Re: Member Groups
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2018, 02:29:27 pm »
Archiving the previous board's Member Group details, before updating the starting thread with new Member Group details.

The members in this community are assigned to specific group depending on their contribution and activity level. Here's the lowdown on the various groups found in this community.


For anyone who's not logged in to this community. Guest users can view this forum only. It is suggested that you register yourself here to gain access to more features within this community.


This is the default member group after a new user has registered to this community. Registered Users have only the basic abilities ie they can view most forums, can start new topics (where allowed) and can reply to existing topics but they do not have email member function, cannot host blog and has flood control. Members in this group will be promoted to the BGC Member group once they become customers of Boardgamecafe.net by making a purchase from us.


This is the "customer" group for Boardgamecafe.net. If you are an existing & active customer of Boardgamecafe.net, you would be in this group. If you are not, (our apology) please send an email to support@boardgamecafe.net and we shall quickly remedy this situation. Beside basic abilities, this group has greater access to the community including access to special offer & promo forum, can PM/email other members and optionally host your own blog here.


As an active supporter of Boardgamecafe.net's meetups and one who loves to teach games - old & new - to newbies at meetups & other events, we want to distinguished these individuals by awarding them the BGC Evangelist badge. Beside getting more access to the community features, they'll also be entitled to more goodies from BGC. 



A select group of individuals who have been ardent promoters of boardgames for years, and are now working closely with Boardgamecafe.net to grow and develop the local boardgaming community here in M'sia. These individuals do not just see boardgaming as a way of their life, they wish to influence and convert more people to the joy of boardgaming... all probably for one "selfish" objective; to have more frens/gamers to play with!



The stakeholders of Boardgamecafe.net; these are the people - some in the frontline, some behind the scene - who brings you the joys of boardgaming!



The GOD of this site. Their word is final. Bow your respect and you shall be forgiven.... (hehe)



This is a legacy member group from the old Community Server system. Due to the high number of "spam users" in that system, we've migrated all previous community users into this group (except those with active posts) pending review. All posts made by members in this group are moderated.

IMPORTANT: If you are a genuine user and are now in this group, all you need to do is to make one valid post in this new forum and after a moderator has approved your post, you will be moved to either the Registered Users or BGC Members group.



This group is for newly registered users pending approval from moderator.



Ahem, if you found you you've been banned and think it's a mistake (and that you are not Darth Vader), please email us at support@boardgamecafe.net and we'll be able to work something out. Unless of course if you have been banned for a major offense then your email have just revealed your coordinates to us!! kekekekeke....