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Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend

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Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend
« Reply #70 on: November 15, 2007, 08:27:31 am »

It's not the ranking system that corrupts us but our "love" for the ranking system that's making us turn to the Dark Side. Removing the "apple" does not turn Adam into a man without desire. You merely suppressed that desire. Just as Luke has to do, enter the dark cave we must....

Some spam becoz of the ranking but in truth most do not post quality posts becoz either they are shy or they dun have much to say. Removing the ranking (or the reward which is probably a bigger evil) does stop the spam but my question, will it increase the quality posts?

The number of spammers actually is relatively small but it's their number of spam posts that's high thus causing a mis-perception that there are spammers everywhere. On the other hand, there is also a good number of posters here who do not spam or troll but post good quality posts. The ranking system is still known and available to them.. why then did they not spam?

Enlightenment thus comes from understanding these people.... and not from removing a temptation.

Let me just mentioned some names here to motivate them. The posters imho who usually contribute the quality posts are (in no particular order) ayheng, wolfx, wonglc, CE (when he's not spamming those one-liners), macedwin (for his insight into old/oop games), aycee, lostboyz (can write good things one when he's not preoccupied with XBox), shinobi (with his non-boardgame updates and sessreps), friedrice (when he's in writing mode), c_mun (with her ASH non-male perspective), dave (for offering to smell the trolls), arthoz (for starting the Books thread), shrapnel (for some interesting new threads).... and all the others that I may have forgotten to mention.

As an example - wonglc is just a newbie with only 23 posts at the time of writing but he has contributed far more meaningful posts in that 23 that many with more than 300 posts!

If you really want to know, I say there are only 2 full-time spammers and a couple more part-time spammers who may have already retired, hehe. The rest of the posters are good..... so let's not knee-jerk anything here.

As a karate sifu once said, the biggest enemy is within us. [:)]

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Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend
« Reply #71 on: November 15, 2007, 11:43:02 am »

I think the rankings help to encourage people to post. Spamming is an unfortunate side effect of those who wanted the 'name' but forgot that the 'name' is supposed to mean something. Just like the debacle recently with the Malaysian BAR Council's membership sticker, it's available 'under' the table such that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Perhaps this is what lostboyz meant by doing away entirely with the rankings.

But I take the viewpoint that the rankings should be retained to encourage postings. I say this because of my personal experience of posting to 'get' the 'carrot' of rankings. It is a thrill and an honor to be recognised for my contributions. (of course, it is also a thrill and honor to have my musings acknowledged and discussed upon)

So doing away with the ranking is not something I prefer. Raising the 'bar' for the rankings is also something that i don't prefer. It is already so difficult to attain the rank of jedi master, why make it harder? And we do not have yet any jedi masters so there's no reason to raise the bar just to control the population. If the bar was raised to control spamming, then I feel that it's not necessary as a word and a warning from the admin was quite enough to put everyone into perspective.

So, I sort of agree with the warnings and that a touch of moderation was needed to put everything back on topic, there's no need to take it further yet.