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Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)

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Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)
« Reply #60 on: December 18, 2007, 06:14:22 pm »
[quote user="c mun"]

[quote user="macedwin"]duh, i don't play jazz at all!!! for jazz, just get a pianist lah! bands are for loud, tuneless, rock music ;-) i assure you, after you hear our screaming vocals, the screaming kids will seem very much at home! if you are going to get kids below 8, then you must borrow our maxi games - bamboleo, chicken cha cha cha and villa paletti. these will keep them busy. alternatively, give them a few boxes of tomy train tracks (the blue plastic ones) and they'll be fixing tracks all night and watching their battery powered trains zoom by...[/quote]

Yes,we have just all the perfect games for  the under 6 gamers that night- Hiss ; Fowl Play, Wallace & Gromit boardgame.Of Battery trains-When kids are exhausted and frustrated ,they bash each other's head with Tomy trains and wish they can tie that annoying 2 year old to the tracks and run him over with extra large engines! My mistake of forgetting the Play Dough ( they'll enjoy feeding the baby that)

Pianist ? Only? Surely you must be joking Edwin.My quartlet will do Stacey Kent's " So Nice ".Nothing less than that to content my Warhamming gentlemen .Shrapnel, change your guitar strings.Take mine if you need 2.David at the piano,Ernest the bass, John whatever he fancys to play .



And when we have had enough of Stacey, we 'll play Jonny Mathis Isnt it Romantic to calm the nerves of Jeff, Anemesis,Henry , Wolf , Ah Heng as they combat Starcraft.

Rock?? Play at Mage la.Beware of Mata ok.




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Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)
« Reply #61 on: December 18, 2007, 06:44:50 pm »
[quote user="shrapnel"]

[quote user="LoStBoYz"]Few things could've been made better :

- Gamemasters to teach games was a good idea, but gamelist was not given earlier for them to beef-up on the rules. Scary to throw them out in the open and expect them to know every games there are available.
- The theme was not clear : Was it a cafe with boardgames or boardgames with food served?
- If volunteers was needed; could have just asked on BGC and specify what was required of them.
- Idea was there but execution was not. But then its not easy to execute such things, especially when there are adults and kids needing different things.
- Throw away the PCs and Laptops next time, those things will attract kids like flies.



Looks like there were certain areas we didnt take into consideration... Above all the theme is very important. You're darn right about the PCs...



Agree to the Post Mortem:Distractions,lots of them eg. excited kids,computers,not enough helpers to guide/manage the crowd.Still we're glad we managed to introduce games to so many Newbies who  might join our OTK sessions soon. They're already asking for MOOORE! My Dentist FHM pal who brought her happening hubby and 2 young children certainly didnt regret staying back  till 10 cause I am sure I heard her laughter way behind in the kitchen as she played HEY ,THATS MY FISH with her hub and 2 other pals.Half way through,Ernest was so excited that he stood up while trying to work out his escape , threatening to overturn the table cause his penguin was trapped !

And the happening husband & wife team (Fiona & Shrek,..i mean Steven) whom we did Colloseum with at Mage actually turned up to our most pleasant surprise.Even kept to her promise of teaching us GLOOM ,to the delight of my 8 year old Sam ! Who later ' killed ' her mom in  Wolf and had the cheek to say "Its not me! I wont do this to my mom..." seemingly innocent expression.Too much of Peter Pan and High School Musical and she's a Drama Queen.[~]




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Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)
« Reply #62 on: December 19, 2007, 02:00:48 am »
Ah...thanks Shrapnel and c_mun for your clarification. Looks like I missed out on the good food[:(]

I agree that PCs and boardgames don't mix. One cannot have one with the other in a room and expect the participants-to-be (who are new to boardgames) to be interested in boardgames.

Anyway, well done again. Do take up on macedwin's offer of the giant versions of the games, they're really fun for kids.


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Friday the 14th (Dec 2007)
« Reply #63 on: April 05, 2008, 12:39:58 pm »
[quote user="shrapnel"]

Event Report of Friday the 14th.


Hobby Canteen event came about when good friends- C_mun and shrapnel, shared the idea of spreading the gospel of boardgaming.., even to their very own friends. Also, what sparked the idea was the lamentation of the lack of ASH babes. And the FHMs.


They got hold of Eric (an old friend of many years) - he has got the venue.

And Kopikid, he brews coffee passionately.


Time to start: 700pm (but many were expected to be late due to Friday and all…)


FHMs usually mean there will definitely be kids. Heck, there will be families. Hence, few things were set up:

1                    Nursing room

2                    Kids Room

3                    Food was catered (since they realized that moms will rush home to immediately pick up kids to Hobby Canteen with nothing in their tummy).


Below are their open, honest reports. Sources also include the feedback forms.



The Good.

  • There were 27 adults & 15 kids.

  • While some were eating, Wolf (from WGS) took a bunch of kids and adults to a room for Werewolves session. But he had to leave early for band practice. They asked for more!

  • A family of five started with Arbos. Although it was a simple game, it also created ‘tension’. It’s a dexterity game mah… It's like a party game so laughter is guaranteed.

  • They made LostBoyz to be Game master. He bestows knowledge on the young ones on Zooloretto. It is such a pleasant game and LostBoyz being made a Game master was not a mistake.

  • Blokus was on. Knowing the simple rules was one thing. Once the gamers grasped the concept, they went scheming frenzy! (witnessed by shrapnel)

  • O Zoo Le Mio was introduced. Pretty easy game to pick up… not that easy to put down. Six year old was seen scoring many points!

  • LostBoyz brought along Notre Dame. Such an honor to have a new un-punched game punched at Hobby Canteen. Caught playing with Rob and aanemesis.

  • jack208 and waiyan - Game masters.

  • Hey! That’s my fish was a blast! Saw 2 families cracking away…

  • Kid’s Room: Played Hisss, Slamwich.

  • Lucky Draw at 10pm. Total 6 giveaways.

  • R2: Saw 4 person playing Settlers of Catan. 3 of them were new to that game. On another table had Arbos going and later ‘Life Boats’ (Also new to those games).

  • R2: Saw 5 players on Gloom. What a nice gloomy game. The 10 yr old like it a lot.

  • R2: Saw 9 players (inclusive 1 moderator) on Werewolves

  • Ended 4am.

  • Good amount of feedback forms returned with good amount of … well, feedbacks.


The Bad.

  • Very Noisy

  • 7 people didnt turn up.

  • Some found food was too pricey.

  • Tables too small.

  • Some could not find location easily.

  • Very difficult to game with kids in Kids Room. Shrapnel’s notebook was more intriguing than the cartoon shown!

  • Sales could not cover Food cost.

  • Lack of man-power = slow service.



The Ugly.

  • Tremendous Food wastage! Very guilty!

  • The Cleaning up. (But it was a mighty fine job done). Got home at 7++am. Zzz

  •  Go to work after that...



Objectives met:


  • Introduce people to various boardgames. There’s more to it than just Monopoly, y'know?

  • Stir interests to know even more boardgames and play.

  • Already, there are requests to purchase games.

  • Also request for the next event.

  • Make new friends

  • There were many ladies… >ahem!<


Finally, Hobby Canteen is happy to have cooked up such an event within 2 weeks. On the other hand, they humbly apologize should there be any sort of disappointments caused.


There’s an almost unimaginably huge room for improvement. Tolong help share ideas, ya!


(Pics coming soon!)


P1010339.jpg Gloom box picture by cmun

P1010345.jpg picture by cmun

Sam, Cmun , Stephen.

P1010337.jpg Gloom picture by cmun


P1010342-1.jpg take 5 cards picture by cmun

Objective of the game: murder your family , prevent your opponents' families from dying. Keep your opponents alive by providing them good health, happiness. Send yours to their fateful death commencing with depressive events, spiteful illnesses and finally an ironic end.The first player to viciously end the lives of all 5 members of his family wins the game. 


P1010351.jpg ( Right most-Fiona Rodrigues )

P1010347.jpg picture by cmun

2 am + Sleep deprivation = Conflict of Catan !!

(Kok Fai, brothers John & Marcus Lian, Eric Chow)

P1010335.jpg Settlers of Catan picture by cmun

Coffee, more coffeeee ....

P1010336.jpg picture by cmun

All Newbies , playing Settlers for the first time and they LOVE it to bits!