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This is an April fools joke right?

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This is an April fools joke right?
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Two very bright lights in the sky. One, responsible in bringing lovers into the mood- belonged to our endearing moon. The other, has a shape of bat's wings- belonged to Gordon. He's at the rooftop. Again.

Batman            : What? Commisioner.

Gordon            : Sheesh! Batman! Stop coming out of the shadows, will you!!? (Adjusting his specs), I mean I could've shot you , y'see?

Batman            : I see.

Gordon            : (Looking away at the skyscrapers at night.., traffic sounds and cars honking below)... Bad news, Batman. One of the inmates escaped...

Batman            : The Joker!?

Gordon            : No, he's just .... laughing. It's The Distribu...

Batman            : For the love of... NO!! Not the Distributor!!  And Scarecrow.., where is he?

Gordon            : Scarecrow? He's been admitted into the Class 1 psyco-ward. Suffering from serious nightmares...

Batman            : .... (sweating)

Gordon            : Look Batman, you got The Distributor into Arkham Asylum once- surely you can do it again..

Batman            : You don't understand, Commissioner. In order to get him in, I had to buy 22, 346,097,281 pieces of Russian miniatures from him.

Gordon            : Wha!!? That's alot of...

Batman            : Money? Money is no issue....

Gordon            : ....

Batman            : I just havent finish painting them...

Gordon            : Well.., the way I see, you chose not to neglect your duties. No one's blaming you, Batman.

Batman            : I told you! You wouldn't understand- I've got no more paints left, damn!!

Gordon            : ...

Batman            : That's it! I got to go...

Gordon            : Wait! ... The Scarecrow.., what has he gotta do with this?

Batman            : He promised to play boardgames with him. Just an hour a day.


(All characters are fictional - and is a joke heh heh heh)


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This is an April fools joke right?
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dude. you have a knack for story telling! thanks, needed that.

This is an April fools joke right?
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[quote user="ayheng"]

while i won't comment on the 'macedwin's golden boy' comment, i would like to request that issues be resolved only between parties directly concerned.

i believe that when someone slings mud in the open, one does not have to follow suit. defend yourself and let everyone else make up their mind.

the best way to settle an issue is to talk to the other person directly. if talking still does not settle things, you still do not need to sling mud behind people's back. let other people interact with both parties and make up their own mind.


'a mud sling for a mud sling makes the world go blind'


Well, I don't see anything wrong with buying games from another source instead of from him? Does that constitutes mud slinging? What he did to me can be constitute as mud slinging, but not what I did/suggest to do. I only ask whether if anyone is interested in buying online. If you want to keep buying from him, that's good. It's a free country. But that's not the way Edwin sees it. He openly declared war on me for a minor misunderstanding, of which, I have already explained to him for the umpteemth time.

He even went as far as bad mouthing and insult my intelligence. He confronted me in public not once but twice when the matter at hand should be discussed in private. He is a coward. He find great joy in humiliating others especially people who dare to openly oppose him. I will comment no further as you do not know anything about this.

Btw, I didn't mud sling. And I didn't 'blindly' follow suit. If there is anyone who is throwing mud, it would be your dear friend, Edwin. And I can safely say that he has offended a lot of people. I'm only the tip of the iceberg.