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Commercialism in Internet Forums

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Commercialism in Internet Forums
« on: April 06, 2008, 09:36:11 pm »
Recently there's been some debate about what is and is not commercialism in forums. I just want to clear the air as to why I removed the spam post and why I consider it as spam. It's not becoz BGC have no commercial interest in that post that caused its removal as alleged.

A Flames of War thread was started to discuss about this new miniature wargaming product. Mr Distributor aka macedwin then hijacked the thread to discuss about his Promo Store selling FoW. He posted 9+ posts (daily) on this and has mentioned more than once in those posts asking ppl to drop by the store - the location is also made known to all readers of that thread (Atria) - to browse thru the FOW items and have a game or two.

BGC did not delete nor lock those posts. Nor did we delete/hide the location of the FOW store from the posts - even tho' BGC won't profit a single sen from our members here going to the FOW store and buying from him.

In fact, I was actually asked by some why did I not lock them - are those not spam? I looked at it in a different way. Yes there was certainly promo talk going on, asking ppl to go visit the store etc but that's fine coz each of the post also represent "content" in that he wrote about the FOW armies and scenario set up and in some, there was even batreps (battle reports) - which I think is good coz that'll give those who wish to explore FOW a feel about the game. And I'm sure those who are really keen will no doubt find their way to Atria for a more hands-on feel.

But he then posted a thread asking for members here to email him their contact details purportedly for a Factory Tour but more likely as membership drive (fishing from BGC). Openly asking for contact/emails is frowned upon by most Internet forums - be they commercial or non-profit.

That was the reason I deleted that post (as spam). It was also not his first non-compliance post. I did not ban the user at this point of time. I did consider whether to put the user into moderation but decided against it as I thot rational heads would prevail. Alas.....

Instead of sending me an email to clarify, he responded by spamming the same post across ALL active threads (see below) in BGC on Chinese New Year Day One (!!!) As you can see, some of those threads have totally nothing to do with FOW or Miniature Gaming!!

  • First Meetup @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras
  • Klang CNY Meetup 2008
  • What organize leagues/tournaments do you want to see?
  • TheStar 22Oct07: Seniors urged to take up video games
  • Interesting Facts from Boardgamegeek
  • Agricola
  • Acquire - Reprinting in June 08
  • Combat
  • Junta
  • Through the Ages Sold Out 2nd Time

He even went further to mock BGC by commenting "You may now spend your Kong Hee Fatt Choy locking up every post on the site. If this site is not willing to permit gamers to be informed of such an exclusive factory tour, then perhaps the site should be shut down."

Hmm.. .so just becoz I did not allow him to promo/market his products here,

  • I've to pay the price and waste the first morning of my Chinese New Year to clean up the spam?
  • And I've to shut the site down becoz it's not accomodating to his wishes...

Note: When I stepped down from KL Boardgames Meetup (which has 100+ members then), he could have take over and continued with that site by paying around USD19/mth to maintain it (which was what BGC was paying for the past years). He could then promote whatever he wishes to there... but he did not take that up.

I then cleaned up the spam (on CNY 1st Day!), and proceeded to ban the said user from further posting in this forum.

The reason for the ban is not becoz BGC have no commercial interests in FOW (which we do not have but we've nothing against FOW per se) as we've actually allowed his continuous daily promo posting on his FOW Promo Store but becoz he SPAMMED across the forums and challenged BGC to spend Kong Hee Fatt Choy to clean up his sh*t.

Can someone tell me that BGC should not have banned such user?
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Commercialism in Internet Forums
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 01:18:16 pm »
I would have DONE THE SAME.Good riddance !

Commercialism in Internet Forums
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2008, 08:16:54 pm »

Agree. Agree. I would have banned him a long time ago. You, my friend, are very tolerant. You gave too much face to him, so he turned around and bit you.

His actions were rather childish and immature - bombarding BGC with spam on Chinese New Years and asking you to try and clean it up. I didn't expect this type of behaviour to come from a full grown adult. Let alone a middle aged one. Must be mid-life crisis. [;)]