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  1. Strangely, only a few friends have fb updates of them at the Metallica concert. The poor former "metalheads"...probably totally domesticated....

  2. To all my friends who are celebrating, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a great prosperous year!

  3. This is an April fools joke right?

    Don't la like dat. I know some of us here are the "hardcore" gamers who don't buy Blokus / Catan [coz we oredi have] and the other 26 million [softcore?] are more likely to help with the bank balance. But we're still a community, right? And for the commercial aspect: The pie is big enough for everyone. Think Win-Win. And the pie size is not static. Just like in Container, it continues to grow.
  4. One of the earliest SF writer I discovered upon learning to read in English passed away on 19 March 2008. There's a geeklist on BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/29994 And in a small way, he was one of the reasons I got certified for scuba diving. Thus passeth a great futurist and visionary.
  5. Darn! What? What? North-east Malaysia... the missus' kampung.
  6. Here I am, >400km away, surfing on slow dial up. Reading some chatter about Taj Mahal, Die Handler & Shogun. Have to play all this while I'm away la. So I'll just post all rojak in this hijacked thread. There's a prize giving at mage? Congrats Triona! Ryhen loves TI3 but don't know why? Nice! There'll be an ass-BBQ? Well happy parting tonight people.
  7. Ranking

    While there are spammers in all online forums [as opposed to the Roman forums "in which commerce and the administration of justice took place" wikipedia], don't forget that in a lot of cases it is a place for a particular community of like-minded individuals to communicate. In this case a group of people who meet up regularly exchange banters and innuendos, which seem like useless spam and take threads off tangent, but it's all in good fun in the run up to the next meet up. Don't forget the hobby which is at the core of this forum is about fun. And we see that spilling into the forum in the way it is run, where our jedi councillor has good naturedly included some specific smileys to address, and for use of, the forum regulars. And if the above waffling does not make sense, please note the webstore button above for the commerce aspect of the forum. Buy, play, have fun lah! May the force be with you.
  8. Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend

    All hail the knight of double-post spam!
  9. Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend

    All serious euro-gamers can speak, read and write german wat. U dunno ka? ]'>
  10. Forum Ranking or How to be a Jedi Legend

    You encouraging spam posts is it?