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  1. Here's a more visual look at how you can set the options of individual forum to notify you when there's a new post or thread. If the Forum Options dialog box shown below is not visible in the forum you wish to track, click on the Options button to open the dialog box. The Forum Options Dialog Form Below is a blown-up image of the Forum Options only In the Forum Options dialog box (at the bottom of the image above), you can set the options to Send E-mail to suit your own individual preferences Never - This option will mean the forum will not notify you of any new topic or post unless you set it at individual topic level When new topics are posted in this forum - This option sends you an email when someone post a new topic. Only new topics would trigger an email to you. Replies to an existing topic would not. When new posts are posted in this forum - This option will send an email to you whenever someone makes a post to the forum, whether it's a new topic or replies to existing topics. Note: The 3rd option is what I normally set for forums which I take an active interest in.
  2. Usually yes.. unless you happen to have one officer who's children are Pokemon geeks! "Ini collectible kan? Mahal lor...." (die!!)
  3. Long, my experience is that if the shipping price is mentioned in the Customs form, not necessarily lumped together, you'll be taxed unless it is not mentioned. Did u not get tax for shipping for your AoS? In common sense, we shouldn't be taxed on shipping but Edwin says they do not think common sense.
  4. Declaring as gifts help only to a certain extent ie. the customs officer not being able to tell the real value of the items. For eg, we bring in an expensive game (say RM350) and the Customs Clearance Form says "Gift" meaning no value but has a shipping of say US$30. What happens next is that the Customs Officer will confirm whether the item is taxable or not. If it falls under a taxable category, then even if it's a gift, you'll still be taxed. If it's taxable, the Customs Officer will have to ascertain the value of the item since it says Gift and therefore won't state any value. In this case, you can try to wriggle out of this (Edwin's tactics) by claiming this is like our local-made Sahibba. Basically try to hint to them the price of this is similar to Sahibba but maybe 30-50% more expensive. So if Sahibba is selling for RM59.90, we are talking about RM90 only... You'll also be taxed on the shipping charges hence in this example you are likely to be taxed for the amount RM90 + US$30, in which case you saved compared to the real cost of the game at RM350. Personal items are different. Personal items meant something we've been using overseas for a certain timeframe (I think it's more than 2 weeks in order to qualify) and the item must not be shrinkwrapped. Even better if it looks "used". In that case, yes you may not be taxed.
  5. If you wish to send a private message to another member, follow the steps outlined here. A private message is one where only the receiver can read it, and not open to all members like posts in the fourm. First locate a post that the other member has made (or replied) If you know the username, then type the username in the Search box (top right corner), Otherwise you can search the forums for postings made by this user or his name in the signature When you have located posts made by this user, click to open one of the threads In the thread, look for the post made by this user In that post, you can see the Private Message button at the bottom of the user's post If you see an Email button, you may also send a message direct to the user's email address Click on the Private Message button to send a private message to the user To see Private Messages sent (or reply) to you, click on the Private Message link at the top of the forum page
  6. Hi Yee Seng, you can click on your username in any post/thread which shall open up the Member Profile info page... scroll to the bottom and you shall see the number of posts. In your case - as at now - you have 4 so 26 more to go before you become the 1st Youngling here...