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  1. Hate him or love him. Jose has the best quips. Of Horses and Specialist in Failures. :)

  2. When two programmers pair up you call it pair programming. When two BAs pair up you call it pair-alyzing... retweeting SRA

  3. Apparently while searching for the latest news on the price of Kajang Satay, I found out Microsoft has just appointed Satya as it's new CEO. Oh...

  4. 8.88 km run done. Huat ar, huat ar... HUAT AR!

  5. Oh man, seems flights and accommodation @ KK on BIM weekend all booked out? Looks like we might skip it again this year! Wai Yan Low

  6. Whenever Vader calls out "I find your lack of faith disturbing" during his navigational guide in my car, wifey is always confused as she did not understand the story behind it. Now she does! #starwars saga intro-ed to Wai Yan Low

  7. So it seems the #Library will be opening soon at Nexus Bangsar South. And if you are book lovers like me (ahem), maybe we can go there and drown ourselves in ..... books la (what else do you get in the Library *cough*) #partyatnexus

  8. The FORCE is not yet strong in this one....:P #fitbit

  9. ORIGIN was on the table tonight while we also bring back an old fave AGE OF EMPIRES III to test out the BUILDER expansion <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2013/12/31/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-20122013-origin-age-of-empire-iii-builder-expansion/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  10. Read this today. Good food for reflection - Do the math: How much of your time is spent consuming things other people made (TV, music, video games, websites) versus making your own? Only one of those adds to your value as a human being.

  11. A Black Friday meetup saw some of the recent Essen '13 games hitting the OTK tables including the recent Queen kickstarter DARK DARKER DARKEST. Find out how this zombie game plays. <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2013/12/30/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-13122013-black-friday/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  12. Mike Cottmeyer: With Scrum we are advocating a solution to the problem we *want* our customers to solve, not really the problem they are actually *trying* to solve. As a result, the messages aren’t resonating. #agile #agilemy

  13. Borneo International Marathon confirmed our free entry for 2014's race. Yay! #bim2014 Wai Yan Low

  14. BP Healthcare Group uses your IC Num as your userid and then defaults your password to the first 6-digit of your IC Num. And they do not provide an option for you to change your password. Really? And to think security on the cloud is no longer an issue. Sigh. #Ifeelsosecure

  15. The #phonly app's great for catching up with my #Feedly reading on my #Lumia L920. Now there's a lot of catching up to do. :P What do you use for your Feedly?

  16. Interesting nugget from Pink's new book To Sell is Human - The “elevator pitch” isn’t as relevant these days, when people are accessible not just on elevators but by email, on social media, and around the office. However, people are more distracted. The six new ways to pitch are: the one-word pitch, the question pitch, the rhyming pitch, the 140-character Twitter pitch, the subject line pitch (which promises useful content or elicits curiosity), or the Pixar pitch (a six-sentence narrative st...

  17. #Wordpress has implemented a 2-step authentication process. Now shouldn't all cloud-based accounting or financial applications consider doing the same?http://en.support.wordpress.com/security/two-step-authentication/

  18. "Sometimes we forget the plot and it's very awesome when your younger self reminds you of what is important." #socialcarboncopy

  19. We are back with our traditional year-end Black Friday Sale! While the actual Black Friday in the US was on the 29th November, we were busy preparing for our BGC Retreat at Kin Tick. So we chose to do our Black Friday Sale on a different period and given today's Friday the 13th, it's the best day to announce our Black Friday Sale! J <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2013/12/15/boardgamecafe-net-black-friday-sale-2013/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  20. Aiks, just saw Buffalo came out with their 500gb wireless Air portable HDD for rm430+ anyway I'd already got the Seagate Wireless Plus. Would be interesting to see how the other vendors innovate in this space.

  21. Are you - like me - finding that I'm saving files direct to the cloud now and using my physical HDD as secondary backup instead? Even my full backup (incl pics) are offsited to a cloud backup service #skydrive #crashplan

  22. while preparing the slide deck for Agile Malaysia, this old quote from Alvin Toffler crossed my mind - "Learn, Un-learn and Re-learn"

  23. 1520 looks awesome but will lose the one hand operation. So looks like the 929 with 5" screen would be more preferable. #lumia

  24. Lunch with John Sullivan :P #myob #satay