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  1. jack208
    EXCERPTS OTK was a BANG last nite!! We took all 3 main tables facing their front door!! Three sessions were gaming concurrently... with OTK's first CIVILIZATION game in session (TQ Ho for bringing his CIV to OTK). 1841 was also brought to tempt Ho to stay. Let's see what else was in play? Nanuk, Homesteaders, Dixit, Roll thru Ages ......& 1960; Homesteaders being played 3 times!! We finally call it a nite at 7:30am this morning!!
  2. jack208
    Gamers: Kareem Koh (kaz), Wong (Wong L.C.), Suraj, Jeffrey Goh (jefg8), Jackson, Ang Xian Jun,  Henry (rhyen), Afif Trei Ter, Syahrir Reza, Emil Ali (derchef), Ken (wolfx),  Ainul (aanemesis)  and CK Au (jack208) Games: Parade, Gheos, Carson City, Scepter of Zavandor, 7 Wonders, Fresco, Rattus, Dominion. Location: Cassian Kitchen, Section 15 SJ Google Map Date/Time: 08 [...]
  3. jack208
    Boardgamecafe.net Meetup Report Part 2 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras 10/12/2010 By jack208   EXCERPT A relatively quiet meetup with just one table in play, but it saw a mix of interesting games getting some table-time. Vasco da Gama as a first-play to a few of the gamers, and an old fave Wealth of Nations [...]
  4. jack208
    This meetup came right after our Dec New Arrivals, and never before have so many new games hit the OTK tables in one night - Lords of Vegas, Magical Athlete, 7 Wonders, Horse Fever, Leaping Lemmings, and some not-so-new ones like Nanuk, Carcassonne, and Age of Steam - attended by over 18+ gamers; almost a whos-who of the local boardgaming scene.
  5. jack208
    One thing I love about organizing meetups is the meeting of new friends and the reunion with past friends who sometimes return for a game or two. This Xmas Eve, I received a surprise call from a gamer fren whom I've not seen for a year or two. Welcome back to the world of boardgaming. It's not just old friends we welcomed but old classic games like Samurai, and with OTK's first play of Alien Frontier & Tego. Merry Christmas to all!
  6. jack208
    Our journey in pictures… I’d started out meaning to write two articles; one is an About Us page and the other is a summary of activities we’d done for last year (meant for the upcoming newsletter). For the activity summary, I was thinking of using photos to visualize the article. One thing led to [...]
  7. jack208
    Well, it's a month late but anyway we are now ready to roll out our new "look" and more importantly a coherent social media infrastructure that links everything together and helps us drive our social media strategy moving forward. We hope you like our new "look".
  8. jack208
    Our first meetup post-Chinese New Year saw ZOMBIES in-play (hmm... not superstitious ka?) and the popular - and some said the BEST - 2010 game DOMINANT SPECIES getting intro-ed to the OTK group by Emil. Other games in play were Alhambra, Kaigan, Carson City and Glen More. Another Friday and another 7am meetup!