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  1. Wonder if all the 100plus fellas will outrun to Kajang satay?

  2. Panda overflow ni....

  3. Those days of Rock Melayu tunes.....

  4. Someone twitted about Bergkamp today. Anyone still remember THAT goal against Argentina? - @ChampionsLeague Dennis Bergkamp his first touch and vision was magical.#UCL

  5. They moved the Imigresen & JPN branch in Wangsa Maju (Sri Rampai) to Keramat Mall. This is an UTC so it opens till 10 pm and also on weekends. It's just opposite LRT Damai.

  6. Voulez Vous. The first half of Mamma Mia rocks!

  7. Why la do folks still go PC Fair to buy things. Really Mamma Mia! KLCC is all choked up. Stay away or use the MRT unless you absolutely wants to feel the frustration of driving in.

  8. CIMB card no free ticket for HOBBIT 3 this year... .so beli sendiri :(

  9. Replaced strap at Aeco Maluri for rm100. Service was quick and good. Finding a parking space in,Maluri is another issue altogether. #garmin

  10. Hmmm, gotta go. Camera crew is here. Why they keep following me? :P #mukatebal #perasansendiri

  11. This is turning into one of my fave cafe #thirdwave

  12. Seems like Nike's doing a good job in Bangkok. Very good quality Nike tee for just rm50 regr fee. Lets see how race day is tomorrow. #werunbkk

  13. All set for a busy weekend.... Interstellar, Agile Tour BKK and We Run BKK

  14. Used to travel with two bags; one to hold my camera and iPad; and backpack for my laptop. Now I only need one, the Retrospective7 which holds my camera gears and the Surface Pro 3 lapblet. :)

  15. Linda Rising just told us Santa Claus was created by Coca Cola! #agilesg

  16. "I know however I'm today, I can be better tomorrow." Agile Mindset, Linda Rising #agilesg

  17. In Singapore till this Friday. Not sure if I've enough time in the evening to game, but a cup of coffee certainly doable Colin Lim

  18. Quick que - is there any 70mm IMAX cinemas in Klang Valley? I know TGV & GSC advertised some "MAXX" halls but nothing of the specs is mentioned so I'm inclined to think they are just "some MAXX" :P

  19. Schneeballen, found only here....