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  1. This year, the 5th instalment our signature event the BGC Boardgame Retreat is going to be held at a nice concept resort known as The Kabin. With a blend of the new crop of games from this year's upcoming Essen Spiel and the wide selection available from the OTK Games Library, you can look forward to a weekend of awesome gaming! Winter is coming this Dec 19 & 20, so let's retreat to the Kabin for 2-days of intense Euro Board Gaming. Don't miss this... <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/09/22/winter-is-coming-let-us-retreat-to-the-kabin/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  2. An evening where we planned to ROLL THROUGH THE AGES ended up with two sessions of THROUGH THE AGES instead. Both (the rare) 1st Edition and (the erroneous) 2nd Edition were in play. Find out the future of THROUGH THE AGES in 2015. This completes a trilogy of gaming sessions that started with Rahdo’s Top Ten Heaviest Games and ended with Vlaada’s Thru the Ages. <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/05/05/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-152015thru-the-2-ages/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  3. Boardgamecafe.net Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 30/4/2015– CLINIC, ALCHEMISTS, MADEIRA By jack208 EXCERPT Continuing from last Fri’s Rahdo’s Top Ten Heavy Games, this week saw us go thru the 2nd batch of games in the list namely CLINIC, KANBAN, ALCHEMISTS and MADEIRA. RAHDO RUNS THROUGH Last week we covered the even sequence of games in […] <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/05/04/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-3042015rahdos-top-ten-heavy-games-part-2/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  4. Follow us as OTK Cheras went thru half of RAHDO RUNS THROUGH’s Top Ten Heaviest Games list in our Friday OTK Boardgame Meetups. For tonight, the list of games to be covered were Agricola, In the Year of the Dragon, Brass, Zhanguo and Vinhos. <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/05/03/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-2442015rahdos-top-ten-heavy-part-1/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  5. Kniziathon

    Awaiting details to run this...
  6. After CLINIC’s sessrep, here’s our take on Bernd Eisenstein’s latest game from last Essen PANTHALOS. Dare you anger the Titans from the Underworld of Greek Antiquity? <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/02/18/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-1322015panthalos/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  7. Been awhile since I put in a sessrep. Here’s a lengthy one on CLINIC, the Town Center designer Alban’s most recent game from last Essen. We also did SAMURAI SPIRIT, LA ISLA and PANTHALOS among other games seen in-play tonight at OTK. <a href="http://blog.boardgamecafe.net/2015/02/15/bgc-meetup-report-otk-cheras-1322015clinic/" rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>
  8. Wonder if all the 100plus fellas will outrun to Kajang satay?

  9. Panda overflow ni....

  10. Those days of Rock Melayu tunes.....

  11. Someone twitted about Bergkamp today. Anyone still remember THAT goal against Argentina? - @ChampionsLeague Dennis Bergkamp his first touch and vision was magical.#UCL