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  1. #prayforMH370 prayers to the passengers, crew and family. Hopefully they found a place to emergency land safely.

  2. Oh Awesome. Home Ministry is more powerful than Kaiju. They brought Ultraman down! =D They should star in the next Pacific Rim movie or Ultraman even. I mean.. why spend trillions on Jaegers? Or get Aliens to help us save planet earth? lol

  3. Intended to perform normal car service. End up have to change 2 tyres too. Zzzzz. Ang Pows gones. Hahaha.

  4. To all my friends and family who wished me this day of getting older of mine, thank you so much, and I'll respond to your messages tomorrow. Now, I need some sleep, as I need to wake up at 3am (note the time of this message), to start driving around 4am to Penang for CNY. =D Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

  5. Hey. Who else is on Steam? Kinda lame that I hardly have anyone on Steam. =D Add me up, Wonglc82.

  6. Wee Ming Choon Soon Min Guys.. was bored in office for a bit and browsed through our Vietnam photos. 3 years ago, and it felt like yesterday. Damn. When we going for the next one? Haha!

  7. Devoured Inferno by Dan Brown, and Iron Druid Book #6 in 1 sitting each. T_TNow working on Lexicon by Max Barry. The book bug has bitten again.

  8. I can't breathe through my nose... T_T